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In the early days living was simple, Pior to 1860
few homes could boast of any bought furniture. The
bedstead, the table, and the chairs were generally home
made. My recollection runs back to the time when not
even a rag carpet was found in the settlement. There
was slight chance for rivalry in dress, for the durable
clothing brought from the old country lasted long, and
there was hence not much change of style. But nevertheless,
the people were cheerful and, I have no doubt,
as happy and contended as many of their descendants
who now have every luxury at their command. The
weddings took place without mention of the bride’s
trosseau in any newspaper; and the funerals were
conducted without either flowers or hearse. But the one
was no doubt attended with as much felicity and the
other with as poignant grief as any like occurence
today. At this point I must mention, what is thought to
be the first marrige between Swedish residents in
Carver County. In the spring of 1854 a young man
occupied a log shanty on his claim. A few weeks later a
family of six, among which was a young maiden, came
along, having travelled all the way from southern
Wisconsin with an ox team. And, by the way, they had also
bought a pig in Wisconsin and that pig followed the
team like a dog from start to finish. The young man
shared his shanty with the family, and in the course of
a few weeks became engaged to the young maiden. But
to get lawfully married presented some difficulty.
Either there was no justice of the peace, or other
person, in the country authorized to perform the ceremony,
or else these people objected to being married except
by a minister of the gospel, for I know my father and
mother were requested to go with them to St. Paul, the

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