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nearest place at which they deemed a proper marriage
could be solemnized. The wedding party started out
on a five mile tramp to the rapids, two miles above the
present village of Carver, where a boat was borrowed
from a settler, then, a row to St. Paul, where the
ceremony was performed, and a row back against the
current. The distance between the rapids and St. Paul is
about 35 miles by road, but by river it is at least a third
farther. On the return when Carver was reached, I
think, about dark on the third or fourth day, the
bridegroom suggested that he, the bride, and my mother walk
home from there, as that was a nearer walk than from
the rapids, and that my father row the boat to the owner
at the rapids. He complied, but all night he worked
against the swift current at the rapids without being
able to get past, and mother was in agony at home
because of his failure to arrive within a reasonable time,
thinking that he must have been drowned.

I shall not weary you longer with incidents from my
recollection of pioneer days among the Swedish settlers
in this state. I have seen the small log houses in
Carver county, as well as the sod huts in the New Sweden
settlements in Nicollet and Sibley counties. But whether
in the one or other, the dwellers therein were cheerful,
hopeful, courageous, and resourceful no matter how hard
their lot was. By degrees all, with scarcely an
exception, prospered. Neat and comfortable dwellings and
large barns and granaries have replaced the log cabins,
the sod huts, and the straw covered stables. The
furnishing of the homes are princely as compared with
early days. The cradle and flail have given way to
the self-binder and steam-thresher, the ox team to the
automobile. The few months of district school then

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