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available to the youth has developed into well regulated
grade and high schools, and a graduate of the latter,
with the least ambition, may readily obtain a college
or university education.

The progress in every line of human endeavor in this
state, within my own observation, has been marvelous.
In a great measure this has been due to the courageous,
sturdy, industrious and upright character of the
pioneers. I do not claim that those from Sweden excelled
those from other sources. But I do assert, that
considering their handicaps as to means, education, and
experience, their own success and their contribution to the
advancement and prosperity of this state are as
creditable as that of any other settlers from whatever state
or nation their origin is traced. I sometimes doubt
whether we, their sons and daughters, have done as well
with the superior advantages at our command. However,
a thought given once in a while to the trials and
hardships of these worthy pioneers will not only incite
our admiration for their achievment but also a desire
to emulate their example. And although the Swedish
pioneers of this state were of humble extraction, it seems
to me their contribution to the upbuilding of this state
is worthy of being thoroughly ascertained and faithfully
recorded by the historians of this organization.


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