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I remember coming home late one night when a child
and seeing his light in his study. “Why, father’s up,” I
said, “There’s his light burning.” “That’s always
burning,” was the answer. “You can see it any time of the
night you pass.”

But even knowing what long hours he spent in his
study, I often marvel at the enormous amount of work
he accomplished during his lifetime. For the
editorship of a newspaper alone is a severe drain on one’s
time and strength and even a strong man would hesitate
to assume a heavier burden. So, when I look back and
think how he published that large illustrated magazine
“Nar och Fjärran” from 1874 to 1877, and “Ungdomsvännen”
från 1870 to 1881, at the same time he was
doing a chief-editor’s work on “Hemlandet”; when I
consider the fact that, outside his office hours, he wrote
a two-volume history of the United States,—a history
since translated into the Norwegian and Danish
languages; when I remember that he put forth such
carefully compiled historical treatises as “The Northmen
in America” and “The Character of Our Forefathers,”
and had the knowledge and the appreciation to publish
that complete anthology, “The Swedish Poetry of the
Nineteenth Century”; when I recall the numberless
lectures, treatises, poems, stories and special articles he
Wrote for various periodicals in the United States, in
Sweden and in Finland,—I wonder how he had the
strength and the time to pour out so much to lay at the
feet of the Swedish people.

For whatever he did was done in that careful,
painstaking manner that was second nature to my father.
Such attention to detail! Such infinite amount of
research work in order to satisfy his craving for truthful

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