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accuracy! Every little detail, every insignificant fact
he encountered had to he weighed, and examined, and
traced to its original source and its verity, even there,
corroborated by a dozen authorities, before it could find
a place in one of his manuscripts.

For truth was the foundation on which he built and
there could be no slipshod patchwork in the building of
such a foundation. There could be no hurried
speculation, no popular acquiescence of what seemed to be the
case instead of what really was the essence of the
matter. If his work were to stand the test, he knew there
could be no makeshifts, no false conclusions, no hurried
inaccuracies, “I am here but for a short time,” he
seemed to say to himself. “I must soon pass on. But
truth lives on forever. “I must write the truth,” O the
long hours of the night! O tired body! O wearied
brain! O fruitless hope!

Next to his work, father’s greatest interest lay in
social intercourse. He delighted in meeting people, in
talking to them, in exchanging views and in arguing on
the important questions of the day. He was delightful
as an after dinner speaker and quite as happy in his
little dialect stories told to a group of intimate friends
as he was in his stirring political speeches that virtually
helped more than one state vote a straight republican
ticket through several administrations.

He belonged to a number of clubs and scientific
societies. He was a member of the anthropological
society “The Northern Museum,” the Polish literature
society “Zwiazek Narodowy Polski,” the “Swedish
Historical Association” of Stockholm and many others. He
was one of the first presidents of the “Swedish
Historical Society of America” and was the founder and

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