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the first president of the “Westgöta Gille,” a club to
which all Westgoths were eligible as members. He was
also one of the leaders of “Vitterhetens Vänner,” a
group of literary people bent on fostering the best that
could be had in arts and letters. He, himself, played
the part of King Ring in the presentation of “Frithiof’s
Saga” which was given by this society at a banquet in
our home.

But these were not his only interests. Books, too, were
a source of pleasure to him but these were resorted to
only when friends were not at hand. For he loved the
living above all else. Words and thoughts were
secondary and served only as a solace in moments of rest
and loneliness. But what books they were! Runeberg
in half-calf! Tegner in three volumes, bound in sturdy
morocco! Valerius and Stagnelius in favorite bindings!
Kexel, Hallman, Rudbeck in small volumes! Franzen,
Grafstrom, Böttiger and Malmstrom, all on one shelf!
Beskow in gold! Goethe and Schiller in morocco!
Swedish, English, French, German, Icelandic, Greek,
Latin, Norwegian,—all languages found a place on his
shelves. Homer, much-used and bemarked, propped up
Virgil, student-worn, and Ovid, shunned since college
days. Scott rubbed Marryat, while Oehlenschlager leaned
against a Kalidasa and an Egil’s Saga. The cardinal
classics of all literatures were there, some emblazoned
in rare bindings and others shrinking timidly away in
paper covers, some in boards, some in tatters, all for
use, none for show. Happy friends for precious hours!
Solace for the toilworn brain!

He had other pursuits too. His coin collection was
the pride of his heart and he exhibited it to all his
friends who dropped in at our home. He was

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