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particularly anxious to have a complete collection of
Swedish coins, and he would persistently follow up
each numismatist he came across in hopes to add to his
store, some little copper piece he had heretofore been
unable to secure. Checkers, too, were indulged in
during his moments of social relaxation, and he played the
game like a professional. Music he loved, especially
song and instrumental music of a martial character.

But it is not of his minor pursuits that one thinks
when one recalls my father. He was such an all-round
man, such a many-sided character, such a sturdy
adherent to the truth, such a loyal patriot, such a lover
of all that pertained to good citizenship, that these minor
things fall somewhat into the background. He was a
man who did two-fold work; a man who had two
missions to perform in this world. For, he was not only
a faithful citizen of the United States, hut he was the
poet who helped to foster in the hearts of the Swedish
people who had settled here, an everlasting love for the
country from which they came. It was because of this
two-fold work, that his rewards came from two sources.
It was for this reason that President Harrison appointed
him United States Minister and Consul General to
Denmark. It was for this reason that King Oscar knighted
him and bestowed upon him the “Litteris et Artibus”
insignia. It was for this reason that the Swedish
Americans looked up to him as to a leader and hailed him
such at every presidential campaign since the year
1872 when, under the auspices of the National
Committee, he first embarked as a political speaker for the
Republican party. It was for this reason, too, that the
people in Sweden saw him in the dim perspective as the
prophet of their land,—as the carver of their destiny

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