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Other Digital Library Projects

This list is no longer maintained. The last link was added in 2003.

This page provides links to other sites on the Internet with activities related to Project Runeberg. While not all of the listed resources are digital libraries, some are, and all are relevant to digital library activities to some degree. Words like "The", "Det", and "Project" are not significant in sorting this list. Dates indicate how long the resource has existed or how long it has been known to us.

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ABU : la Bibliothèque Universelle
ABU (L'Association des Bibliophiles Universels) is a French free e-text project.
(Established in 1993)
ADL -- see Alexandria Digital Library
AHDS -- see Arts and Humanities Data Service
Alexandria Digital Library
One of the six projects of phase 1 of the U.S. Digital Library Initiative (DLI-1), the Alexandria Digital Library (ADL) Project at the University of California in Santa Barbara has focused on geographically oriented information.
Linda Hill et al, Geographic Names, article in the January 1999 issue of D-Lib Magazine.
(Jan 1999)
All-Music Guide (AMG)
AMG (All-Music Guide and All-Movie Guide) is an ongoing project to review and rate all music (whether in-print CDs or out-of-print on vinyl) and list (and rate) all feature movies and provide their credits and related information. AMG ratings attempt to show, for any given artist, where the best work of that particular artist can be found. Located in Big Rapids, Michigan. AMG contains 16,000 biographies, 200,000 albums, and over a million song titles.
American Verse -- see University of Michigan
AMG -- see All-Music Guide
By Sigbjørn Obstfelder and others, Norway. Publishes poetry.
(30 Jan 1995)
Antologica della Letteratura Italiana
A collection of classic Italian literature by Riccardo Scateni at the Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia (CRS4), Italy.
Project Argus
Developed over the period 1994--1996 by a team of geographers from the UK ESRC Midlands Regional Research Laboratory at Leicester University and the Department of Geography at Birkbeck College London with the financial support of the New Technologies Initiative of the Joint Information Systems Committee of the Higher Education Funding Councils, Project Argus demonstrated the use of interactive computer visualization of spatially distributed data as a technique for helping teaching and learning in a variety of subjects, such as geography, geology, meteorology and the social sciences. Deliverables from the project includes some free software for creating visualization systems for use with spatial data in a UNIX Workstation environment.
(Jan 1999)
Arkivrådet AAS
A Swedish society for those interested in archival issues, primarily for people working in the public sector.
(April 1999)
Art Bin
A Swedish cultural online magazine.
(Established in April 1995)
ARTFL -- see University of Chicago
Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS)
An iniitiative in the United Kingdom to collect, catalogue, manage, preserve and promote the re-use of scholarly digital resources. Some AHDS Publications and publication categories are listed below.
Guides to Good Practice
Managing Digital Collections
Neil Beagrie, Daniel Greenstein, A Strategic Policy Framework for Creating and Preserving Digital Collections, Version 4.0, 14 Jul 1998. Chapter 7 contains a comprehensive overview (bibliography) of online resources
Related Information Resources:
Digital Preservation
(Oct 1998)
Australian Cooperative Digitisation Project, 1840-45
Aiming to capture five early years of Australian history.
(Established in 1996)
Baden-Württemberg: Landesarchivdirektion
The German regional archive in Baden-Württemberg presents some documents on "digital contributions to issues in archiving" (Digitale Beiträge zu archivischen Fachfragen), among them:
Digitalisierung gefährdeten Bibliotheks- oder Archivguts, Abschlußbericht der Arbeitsgruppe "Digitalisierung" des Unterausschusses Bestandserhaltung der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft, 7. Oktober 1996. This final paper from a subcommittee of a working group compares microfilming with digitization.
(Nov 1998)
Project Bartleby and the New Bartleby
Steven H. van Leeuwen's early project at Columbia University is moving to a site of its own.
(Established in 1994 and 1997, respectively)
Verlag Traugott Bautz
A publisher in Herzberg, Germany.
Biographisch-Bibliographisch Kirchenlexikon
(April 1999)
Beowulf -- see Electronic Beowulf
Berkeley -- see University of California
Bibliotheca Universalis
This seems to be a G7 project on electronic libraries. The Final report, February 1995 is elaborate on the objectives, but where are the results?
Biographisch-Bibliographisch Kirchenlexikon -- see Bautz
Blue Angel Technologies
Develops and markets metadata reposityory technology.
A Danish site where you can buy new books and learn about authors and literature. Librarian Niels Jensen has contributed a large database of literary prize winners.
(5 Jan 1999)
En tjeneste fra Forlagsentralen i Norge. Information about Norwegian books, provided by publishers' joint distribution center.
(31 Oct 1997)
Suomalainen kirja verkossa - Finnish books and literature presented by Oy CultNet Finland Ltd, Helsinki.
British Library
The national library of Great Britain.
(Feb 1999)
Caere Corporation
Maker of hardware and software for scanning and Optical Character Recognition, OCR.
(30 Sep 1995)
California Digital Library (CDL)
CDL is the Co-Library of the campuses of University of California. See also the CDL Planning Site.
(4 May 1998)
California Heritage Collection -- see University of California
CDL -- see California Digital Library
Cedars Project - CURL Exemplars in Digital Archives
From the Consortium of University Research Libraries (CURL), Great Britain.
(19 May 1998)
Celebration of Women Writers -- see On-Line Books Page
CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts
At University College Cork, started out as the CURIA Project, publishes Irish e-texts.
Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities (CETH)
A joint project of Rutgers and Princeton Universities.
(Established in 1991)
CETH -- see Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities
Developed by NEC Research Institute in Princeton, New Jersey. Presented at ACM DL'98 and soon to be made available.
CLIR -- see Council on Library and Information Resources
CLR -- see Council on Library and Information Resources
Conservation Online (CoOL)
A collection of resources for conservation professionals, a project of the Preservation Department of Stanford University Libraries.
(11 Sept 1996)
CoOL -- see Conservation Online
Corpus of Electronic Texts -- see CELT
Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR)
In collaboration with many associations, networks, and scholarly societies, CLIR serves as a forum for change. CLIR grew out of the 1996 merger of the Commission on Preservation and Access (CPA) and the Council on Library Resources (CLR). These organizations have published reports documenting current holdings of digitized material. CLIR is also home to the Digital Library Federation, founded in May 1995, earlier hosted by the Library of Congress.
(27 Oct 1996)
CPA -- see Council on Library and Information Resources
CURL Exemplars in Digital Archives -- see Cedars Project
Danmarks Elektroniske Forskningsbibliotek (DEF)
Denmark's Electronic Research Library. Over five years (1998-2002) the Danish government will spend 200 MDKK on this project.
Dansk lydhistorie
Danish audio history, presented by statsbiblioteket at Aarhus University, is a member of Kulturnet Danmark.
(1 Dec 1996)
Dansk Selskab for Fotogrammetri og Landmåling (DSFL)
Founded in 1934, the Danish Society for Photogrammetry and Land Survey has defined a geographic information exchange format which is used by many in Denmark.
(Jan 1999)
By Erik Stenvall. (See also the more recent EF-Sverige below.)
Datorgenererad parodisaga
A fairytale in Swedish automatically generated just for you.
(6 Dec 1994)
DBI -- see Deutsche Bibliotheksinstitut
DBNL -- see Digitale Bibliotheek voor de Nederlandse Letteren
DC -- see Dublin Core
DDB -- see Deutsche Bibliothek
DDS -- see Den Digitala Salongen
DECOMATE II - "Developing the European digital library for economics". Partially funded by the European Commission DG XIII Telematics for Libraries programme, the goal of Decomate II is to develop an end-user service which provides access to information resources at different libraries in Europe.
(February 1998 - July 2000)
DEF -- see Danmarks Elektroniske Forskningsbibliotek
Det Kongelige Bibliotek -- see Kongelige Bibliotek
Deutsche Bibliothek (DDB)
Germany's new national library after the reunion is situated both in Frankfurt am Main and in Dresden.
Digitization projects, among them "Eine deutsche Bibliothek" aiming to digitize 1,000 titles from classic German literature.
(Nov 1998)
Deutsche Bibliotheksinstitut (DBI)
Maintains a presentation of German digital library projects, some of them in the area of retrospective digitization of library holdings (Retrospektive Digitalisierung von Bibliotheksbeständen).
(Nov 1998)
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
DFG is the central public funding organization for academic research in Germany. Some of their documents contain important guidelines for applicants in the digital library area:
Modernisierung und Rationalisierung in wissenschaftlichen Bibliotheken, Merkblatt 1.50
Elektronische Publikationen im Literatur- und Informationsangebot wissenschaftlicher Bibliotheken, Merkblatt 1.51
Retrospektive Digitalisierung von Bibliotheksbeständen, Merkblatt 1.52
Praktische Hinweise zur retrospektiven Digitalisierung von Bibliotheksbeständen, Merkblatt 1.521
Internationale Kooperationen im Förderbereich Verteilte Digitale Forschungsbibliothek, Merkblatt 1.53
(Nov 1998)
Developing the European digital library for economics -- see DECOMATE
DFG -- see Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Diderot's Encyclopedie -- see University of Chicago
DigiNews -- see Research Libraries Group
Digitale Bibliotheek voor de Nederlandse Letteren or DBNL
(18 May 2003)
Digital Object Identifier System (DOI)
Designed by the Association of American Publishers, in partnership with the Corporation For National Research Initiatives, to link customers with publishers, facilitate electronic commerce, and enable copyright management systems.
(10 Nov 1997)
Den Digitala Salongen (DDS)
Swedish pioneer project to involve non-technicians (e.g. journalists and public libraries) in using modern information technology and the Internet, initiated by Alexander Rudenstam.
Fråga biblioteket (ask the library) is an online reference desk, run in cooperation by municipal public libraries in eight cities around Sweden, starting on 1 Sep 1998.
(Established in 1993)
IFLA's discussion list for Digital Libraries.
D-lib Magazine
A monthly online magazine on digital library research, pubished by Digital Library Forum.
Digital Library Metrics Working Group
(2 Jan 1997)
A forum for European cooperation, and presented on the I*M Europe server.
Guidelines on best practices for using electronic information
(Oct 1998)
DOI -- see Digital Object Identifier System
A major Norwegian effort in 1997 to digitize historic and literary material, a cooperation project between the major universities.
(Finished in December 1997)
DSFL -- see Dansk Selskab for Fotogrammetri og Landmåling
Dublin Core Metadata (DC)
Dublin Core Metadata Element Set: Resource Page, presented by PURL
Dublin Core Metadata Element Set: Reference Description, presented by PURL
Metadata resources, presented by IFLA
Lou Burnard, Eric Miller, Liam Quin, C. M. Sperberg-McQueen, A Syntax for Dublin Core Metadata: Recommendations from the Second Metadata Workshop, presented on Sperberg-McQueen's home page at the University of Illinois at Chicago
Stuart Weibel, A Proposed Convention for Embedding Metadata in HTML, presented by OCLC.
(3 Mar 1997)
Duke University
The Historic American Sheet Music site holds 16,000 pages of sheet music from 3042 pieces published in the United States between 1850 and 1920.
(Announced 1 Dec 1998)
EB -- see Encyclopedia Britannica
ECUP -- see European Copyright User Platform
Eesti Rahvusraamatukogu
The National Library of Estonia.
EFF -- see Electronic Frontier Foundation
Independent Swedish branch of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).
(Established in 1997)
Egyptian Libraries Network
For public, academic and special libraries in Egypt.
Electronic Beowulf
Award-winning project in digital preservation of medieval manuscripts, presented by University of Kentucky and the British Library.
(8 Oct 1995)
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
Protecting rights and promoting freedom in the Electronic Frontier.
(Founded in 1990)
Electronic Libraries Programme -- see eLib
Electronic Text Center
At the University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville. Srong users of TEI.
David Seaman, The Electronic Text Center Introduction to TEI and Guide to Document Preparation.
(Established in 1992)
eLib: Electronic Libraries Programme
Great Britain's major digital library effort, also presenting online magazine Ariadne. From the UK Office for Library and Information Networking (UKOLN) at the University of Bath.
(19 Apr 1997)
Encyclopedia Britannica
Very useful if your organization has an online license. (This is true for all Swedish universities.)
(4 Nov 1996)
English-Estonian Dictionary
A two-way translation dictionary, sponsored by the Institute of Baltic Studies. The Internet version by Marek Tiits.
English Poetry Database -- see University of Michigan
ESMI -- see European Spatial Metadata Infrastructure
Estonian law
Free e-text editions of Estonian law, some of them also available in English translation. Also available in free e-text is the Estonian law on copyright.
ETC -- see Electronic Text Center
The ETEXT Archive
Founded in the Summer of 1992 by Paul Southworth, hosted by the User Services department of the University of Michigan's Information Technology Division. This was one of the first Gopher servers on the Internet.
(Established 1992)
EU -- see European Union
European Copyright User Platform (ECUP)
Aiming to explain and monitor the development of copyright legislation in relation to new technologies, and provide information to European librarians.
(30 Nov 1996)
European Spatial Metadata Infrastructure (ESMI)
ESMI intends to provide a simple single-gate access via the Internet to explore many metadata services, in order to help people find geographic information. This project involves 5 European partners and is part-funded by DG XIII of the European Commission. See also the I*M Europe website (below). Seems to involve Z39.50 technology.
(Jan 1999)
European Union (EU)
The Eureopean Commission is the closest approximation to a government of the European Union (EU). Its directorates-general (DG), identified by roman numerals, roughly corresponds to ministries. See also the European Parliament.
DG XII, Science, Research and Development
DG XIII, Information Society: Telecommunications, Markets, Technologies - Innovation and Exploitation of Research, see also I*M Europe (below)
Joint Research Centre
Community Research and Development Information Service (CORDIS)
The Fifth RTD Framework Programme 1998--2002 (FP5) defines EU's priorities for research, technological development and demonstration (RTD) activities. One of its four thematic programs aims to create a user-friendly information society. See also the Information Society Technologies Programme.
(Jan 1999)
Extensible Markup Language (XML)
Annotated XML Specifiction by Tim Bray
Rohit Khare, Adam Rifkin, X Marks the Spot, eXtensible Markup Language opens the door to a motherlode of automated Web applications, October 1997.
See also W3C and OII (below).
Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC)
This U.S. federal interagency committee works with ISO/TC 211 (see ISO below) to establish geographic metadata standards and more.
Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata, revised June 1998, by the Metadata Ad Hoc Working Group Federal Geographic Data Committee.
(Jan 1999)
FGDC -- see Federal Geographic Data Committee
Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts
Edited and/or translated by D. L. Ashliman, Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures, University of Pittsburgh
Foreningen Forn Sed
A Norwegian association of asatru believers has compiled Norrøne tekster, sagaer og kvad, a collection of Old Norse texts.
(22 April 1999)
Fornfræði à Vesturlandi
Old literature in West-Iceland, presented in Icelandic, and eventually also in English, and Danish by a school project headed by Harpa Hreinsdottir, Fjölbrautaskóla Vesturlands á Akranesi. 114 students in 5 groups compose web-pages of Icelandic sagas and Snorri Sturluson's Edda, which is about Norse Mythology.
(11 Oct 1995)
Freie Universität Berlin
At the university library, Ulrich Goerdten has collected a large number of useful links for studies in German language and literature, including more than 1,400 links to information about German authors.
(Oct 1998)
GEB -- see Gotlands Elektroniska Bibliotek
A Danish metadata directory of digital geographic information, produced by Kort & Matrikelstyrelsen. Ordliste.
(Jan 1999)
Getty Information Institute
Based in Los Angeles, CA, the GII is part of the Getty Center. The J. Paul Getty Trust is a private operating foundation dedicated to the visual arts and the humanities.
The Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names (TGN) contains approximately 900,000 records for places, arranged in hierarchies representing all nations of the modern world, and including vernacular and historical names, coordinates, place types, and other relevant information.
(March 1999)
Gotlands Elektroniska Bibliotek (GEB)
An island in the Baltic Sea left to its own devices, Gotland proves that regional cooperation really can work, involving the county library, the local college, the county museum, county archives, aswell as the Baltic writers' and translators' center.
GRID Arendal
An open geographic database over the Baltic region.
(2 Oct 1995)
Project Gutenberg
The original electronic text project, made in USA.
(New site since 20 May 1996)
Projekt Gutenberg - DE
The German answer to the original Project Gutenberg was started by Gunter Hille at Hamburg University, but later moved to a commercial German Internet provider.
(c. 1995)
Göttingen -- see Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek
Helsingin yliopiston kirjasto
Helsinki University Library is the national library of Finland. The online public access catalog is named HELKA. See also the HELMI database of digitized material.
Tietolinja News - The Electronic Newsletter of the Library Network Services, Helsinki University Library
Bengt Hemlin
(In Swedish) Tips om hur du bäst formulerar ett budskap och framför det i skrift eller muntligt. Mycket användbart.
(27 Jan 1996)
Humanistisk datasenter
In Bergen, Norway. Has Ibsen and Wittgenstein on-line.
(8 Oct 1995)
Human IT
Paper and online quarterly magazine in Swedish on the use of information technology in the humanities, published by the library school at Högskolan i Borås, Sweden.
(First appeared in 1997)
Humanities Text Initiative -- see University of Michigan
Humbul Humanites Hub
List of international resources for the humanities. From Oxford University, UK.
(8 Oct 1995)
Ibsen in Skien and Grimstad
This website, based on a book by Philip E. Larson, presents resources in Ibsen's early environment.
(Feb 1999)
ICA -- see International Council on Archives
ICOLC -- see International Coalition of Library Consortia
IFLA -- see International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
ILEJ -- see Internet Library of Early Journals
IMDB -- see Internet Movie Database
I*M Europe
The Information Market Europe (I*M Europe) WWW server is operated by DGXIII of the European Commission, which roughly translates to the Department of Information Technology of the Government of the European Union. While this is not a digital library project, the website contains lots of information on the Union's policies and current development projects. See also DLM-Forum (above) and OII (below).
Telematics for Libraries
Info 2000 aims at stimulating the emerging multimedia content industry.
Geographic Information for Europe is a presentation of various efforts to stimulate the use of geographic information systems in Europe. A long awaited document on this topic is GI2000 - Towards a European Policy Framework for Geographic Information. See also ESMI (above).
(Jan 1999)
Immigrantinstitutet: Invandrade författare i Sverige
The Swedish Immigrant Institute and the Federation of Immigrated Authors in Sweden (Svenska Invandrarförfattares förbund, SVIFF) present this list of 700 authors who have immigrated to Sweden.
IMS -- see Instructional Management Systems
A Swedish weekly e-mail newsletter about the Internet, IT, and media. More than 5,000 subscribers. Inetmedia also publishes useful pointers in The Swedish Page, Swedish libraries, Böcker på nätet and more.
Information Market Europe -- see I*M Europe
An initiative to get Swedish museums and their collections on the Internet, maintainting links to several museums that are already on the net. (Old home)
(12 May 1996)
Instructional Management Systems (IMS)
Educom's IMS Project has published a metadata specification to support online learning.
(March 1998)
International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC)
ICOLC is an informal organization that began meeting in 1997. Comprising about sixty library consortia in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Israel, and Australia, the Coalition represents over 5,000 member libraries worldwide.
Statement of Current Perspective and Preferred Practices for the Selection and Purchase of Electronic Information
(Oct 1998)
International Council on Archives (ICA)
ICA Studies 8, Guide for Managing Electronic Records from an Archival Perspective, Committee on Electronic Records, February 1997
(Oct 1998)
International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
A branch of the United Nations, ISO issues international standards. ISO has a Technical Committee (TC) for each area that needs standardization.
ISO/TC 211 Geographic Information / Geomatics.
(Jan 1999)
Internet Library of Early Journals (ILEJ)
A joint project by the Universities of Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Oxford, ILEJ aims to digitise substantial runs of 18th and 19th century journals, and make these images available on the Internet, together with their associated bibliographic data. The core collection for the project are runs of at least 20 consecutive years of six journals.
The Internet Movie Database (IMDB)
IMDb aims to provide useful and up to date movie information freely available on-line. As per 1998 it covers over 150,000 movies with over 2.2 million filmography entries, growing by 50,000 entries per week, covering more than 500,000 people. IMDb is part of the Amazon.com group of companies.
(Established in 1990)
Internet Public Library -- see University of Michigan
A guide to Iceland, to the Icelandic people and language, created by Guðmundur Helgason.
(2 Jan 1997)
ISO -- see International Organization for Standardization
Janus Visualization Gateway Project
Hosted at MIDAS (see below), the JANUS Visualization Gateway Project was initiated to integrate visualization ideas and software tools to develop an intelligent, interactive, on-line mapping visualization gateway to the British 1991 Census and associated digitised boundary data held on MIDAS.
(Jan 1999)
Journal Storage -- see JSTOR
JSTOR (Journal Storage)
JSTOR's goals include to build a reliable and comprehensive archive of important scholarly journal literature and to improve access to these journals. The focus is on becoming a trusted archive, and they do not publish current issues of the journals. Headquartered in New York, NY, significant parts of JSTOR are found in Ann Arbor, MI.
(launched in Jan 1997)
Cable Factory cultural centre, Helsinki, Finland. Contains a subsidiary to Helsinki City Library, probably the first public library in Finland to connect to the Internet.
KB -- see Det Kongelige Bibliotek, Kungliga Biblioteket
KINDS -- see Knowledge-based Interfaces to National Data Sets
Knowledge-based Interfaces to National Data Sets (KINDS)
A suite of projects aiming to increase awareness, accessibility and usability of spatial data sets, KINDS is a consortium of Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester Computing and University of Salford which works with Manchester Information Data Sets and Associated Services (MIDAS) to extend and intensify use of the National Spatial Data Sets by the UK academic community.
Alternative links http://lenny.mcc.ac.uk/kinds/ or http://midas.ac.uk/kinds/.
Dan Abbot and Adrian Moss, The KINDS2 Project: KINDS Implementation of the Dublin Core, 1998.
Adrian Moss, The KINDS Gazetteer
(Jan 1999)
Det Kongelige Bibliotek (KB)
The Royal Library in Copenhagen, Denmark. Publishes e-texts.
Koninklijke Bibliotheek
The national library of the Netherlands runs a number of online projects.
Networked European Deposit Library (NEDLIB), launced in January 1998.
The DONOR project (Directory Of Netherlands Online Resources, started on 1 May 1998) aims to create an enabling infrastructure for information management and retrieval on SURFnet, the national research network of the Netherlands.
Kotimaisten kielten tutkimuskeskus
The Research Institute for the Languages of Finland is administrated by the Ministry of Education. Also in Swedish: Forskningscentralen för de inhemska språken i Helsingfors har gott om länkar även angående det svenska språket i Finland.
(30 Mar 1997)
Kulturnet Danmark
Culture Net Denmark, governmental, was the first of its kind in the Nordic countries.
(31 Oct 1997)
Kulturnett Norge
Culture Net Norway, governmental.
(31 Oct 1997)
Kulturnät Sverige
Initiated by the Swedish government's ministry for culture, Culture Net Sweden is a center of competence in the use of IT for culture, and maintains links to Swedish cultural websites.
(31 Oct 1997)
Kungliga biblioteket (KB)
The Royal Library in Stockholm is Sweden's national library.
Libris is the online public access catalog of KB aswell as a union catalog of all Swedish university and research libraries.
BIBSAM is the office for coordination among Swedish research libraries.
Kulturarw³ is an effort to collect and archive all Swedish web pages, initiated by BIBSAM.
Nya vägar för boken (New Book Economy), ett EU-finansierat utredningsprojekt som presenterat flera läsvärda rapporter.
Svesök is a combined link collection and Dublin Core metadata-based search utility for Swedish web pages, as collected by the Kulturarw³ robot.
F1700 - Svenskt tryck före 1700, 19 svenska böcker från 1500- och 1600-talet presenteras i faksimil, totalt 1500 bilder.
Affischsamlingen - Digitaliserade svenska affischer online.
Kungliga Vitterhets Historie och Antikvitets Akademien (KVHAA)
The Swedish royal academy of literature, history and antiquities. Its library has web pages hosted by Riksantikvarieämbetet (below).
Kuusankoski Public Library, Finland.
The public library in Kuusankoski presents an Authors' Calendar, aswell as information about literature prizes and Nordic writers.
Landsbókasafn Íslands - Háskólabókasafn
National and University Library of Iceland
(Feb 1999)
The Swedish National Land Survey.
See also SGU, ULI (below)
(Jan 1999)
Project Laurens Janszoon Coster
Nederlandstalige klassicke literatuur in elektronische edities. Electronic editions of classic literature in the Dutch language. (There have been some Dutch historians who believed that L J Coster was the real inventor of book printing and Gutenberg merely stole the idea.)
(23 Jan 1996)
LC -- see Library of Congress
Lesk, Michael
Author of Practical Digital Libraries, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 1997. Wrote the UNIX tools tbl and refer at Bell Labs in the 1970s. In 1998 working for the National Science Foundation on the Digital Library Initiative.
An interactive Swedish-to-English and Swedish-to-Finnish translation dictionary, sponsored by the Swedish School Net.
(25 Aug 1995)
Library of Congress
The national library of the United States of America.
American Memory is a presentation of "Historical Collections for the National Digital Library" aswell as several important Background Papers and Technical Information.
(Feb 1999)
Library & Information Technology Association (LITA)
LITA is a division of the American Library Association (ALA).
Information Technology and Libraries (ITAL, ISSN 0230-9295) is a refereed journal published quarterly by LITA.
Katharina Klemperer, Stephen Chapman, Digital Libraries: a Selected Resource Guide, ITAL Vol. 16 No. 3,
Linköping University (LiU)
Project Runeberg is an open initiative to publish free electronic editions of Nordic literature on the Internet.
(Started in December 1992)
Linköping University Electronic Press (LiUEP) is a publisher of dissertations and other works (including unrefereed research articles) produced at Linköping University in Linköping, Sweden, LiUEP focuses on long-term availability and integrity of academic texts. The same documents can be published in multiple formats, such as LaTeX, SGML, Postscript, and PDF. The policies of the project are published as part of the project. The initiative to LiUEP came from professor Erik Sandewall, who also has started the online journal Electronic Transactions on Artificial Intelligence (ETAI).
(Established on 1 Oct 1996)
Bjärka-Säbyprojektet är ett projekt vid Tema-institutionen på Linköpings universitet med Riksantikvarieämbetet och Kulturdepartementetet som medintressenter.
Projekt Östgötamål riktar uppmärksamheten mot en företeelse som engagerar och intresserar alltfler, nämligen folkmålen, dialekterna.
LITA -- see Library & Information Technology Association
Eit initiativ frå Den norske Forfatterforening. Information about Norwegian literature, provided by the association of Norwegian authors.
(31 Oct 1997)
LiU -- see Linköping University
Swedish online magazine on contemporary cultural and society issues.
(April 1998)
National Land Survey of Finland. Map site.
(Jan 1999)
Making of America -- see University of Michigan
Manchester Information Data Sets and Associated Services (MIDAS)
A UK national research support service based in Manchester Computing at the University of Manchester, specialising in on-line provision of strategic research and teaching datasets, software packages, training and large-scale computing resources for the UK academic community. Host to KINDS and JANUS (see above).
(Jan 1999)
Manchester Metropolitan University
The Centre for Research in Library and Information Management (CERLIM) presents several completed projects. Among them are:
Evaluation and Quality in Library Performance: System for Europe (EQLIPSE)
Marx / Engels Internet Archive
By Ken Campbell
Marxistiskt Forum
Sweden. Publishes electronic editions of Swedish translations of texts by Marx and Engels.
(28 Oct 1996)
MEGRIN -- see Multipurpose European Ground Related Information Network
Metadata tools and services. Links to related information.
(March 1998)
MIDAS -- see Manchester Information Data Sets and Associated Services
Middle English Compendium -- see University of Michigan
Mittgart - Heidentum & Mittelalter
Started out as the Edda homepage by Matthias Boehme in Chemnitz, Germany.
(27 March 1995)
Kansallisaineiston digitointi ja verkkokäyttö, a project for digitization and network delivery of the Finnish national collection.
(28 Feb 1998)
Multipurpose European Ground Related Information Network (MEGRIN)
Supported by a consortium of European National Mapping Agencies, MEGRIN aims to inform users about the availability of European geographical data via its free Internet service Geographical Data Description Directory (GDDD), and to provide data at a pan-European level.
(Jan 1999)
Nasjonalbiblioteket i Rana
Norway's national library in Mo i Rana.
National Archives -- see the following
Denmark: Statens Arkiver
Sweden: Riksarkivet
National Geospatial Data Framework (NGDF)
The UK National Geospatial Data Framework (NGDF) was established in 1988 (?) to help overcome the problem that over 40 UK government departments and others produce geospatial data for their own needs, and often collected in ways which make it difficult to reuse or to use with other data sets.
The NGDF website is also home to UKSGB (see below).
(Jan 1999)
National Land / Geological Surveys -- see the following
Finland: Maanmittauslaitos
Sweden: Lantmäteriet, Sveriges Geologiska Undersökning
National Libraries -- see the following
Denmark: Det Kongelige Bibliotek
Estonia: Eesti Rahvusraamatukogu
Finland: Helsingin yliopiston kirjasto
Great Britain: British Library
Iceland: Landsbókasafn Íslands - Háskólabókasafn
Netherlands: Koninklijke Bibliotheek
Norway: Nasjonalbiblioteket
Sweden: Kungliga Biblioteket
USA: Library of Congress
National Science Foundation (NSF)
NSF is one of the major sponsors of digital library projects in the USA, together with (in DLI and DLI2) DARPA, NASA, (in DLI2) NLM, LC, and NEH.
The Digital Library Initiative (DLI) was announced in 1993 and six projects were selected and funded in this first round. A summary can be found in the July/August 1998 issue of D-lib Magazine.
The Digital Library Initiative - Phase 2 (DLI2) is starting in September 1998.
Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library.
Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations.
Netlab is the research and development department of Lund University Library in Lund, Sweden, at the same time doing research and providing services such as the Nordic Web Index, Länkskafferiet, and Svensk Metadata (nationellt initiativ för koordinering av Metadata aktiviteter, e-postlista), Swedish URN generator.
Interesting links are found on Traugott Koch's homepage.
Publishes Icelandic literature on the Internet.
(14 Jan 1997)
New York Public Library Digital Library Collections
One of the world's largest libraries, the New York Public Library in June 1998 announced the first parts of its digital library collections.
(June 1998)
NGDF -- see National Geospatial Data Framework
Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek, Göttingen
The combined regional library of Lower Saxony and library of the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, SUB has a long and strong tradition in paper media, but is also looking into becoming a digital library, including the establishment of the Göttinger DigitalisierungsZentrum (GDZ).
Norbert Lossau (Head of the Center for Digitization), Frank Klaproth (Technical Director), Digitization Efforts at the Center for Retrospective Digitization, Göttingen University Library, article in RLG DigiNews, issue 1, volume 3, 15 Feb 1999.
Nobel Foundation
Presenting the Nobel Prize Laureates
(6 Oct 1995)
Nordic Council / Nordic Council of Ministers
Established in 1952 and 1971, respectively, these are two important bodies for regional cooperation, coordination, and project funding in the Nordic countries (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland). NORDINFO is a Nordic institution in the area of scientific information.
Nordic FAQ
Learn more about the Nordic countries through this set of Frequently Asked Questions, maintained by Johan Olofsson.
Nordic Metadata Project
Funded by NORDINFO, tries to coordinate the use of Dublin Core for metadata in the Nordic countries.
Hakala et al, Nordic Metadata Project, Final Report, July 1998
(Oct 1996)
The Nordic University Network connects academic networks in the Nordic countries to each other and to the rest of the Internet. Since the Nordunet2 initiative in 1998, NORDUnet is not only a network operator, but also active in application areas. The connected national networks are DENet, FUNET. ISnet, SUNET, and UNINETT.
Norges loWWWer
Norwegian law in free e-text. Collected in Norway, first published at CERN, then w3.org, then Oslo University.
(20 May 1995)
Norse Saga Home Page
A digitized version of Guðni Jónsson and Bjarni Vilhjálmsson´s three-volume popular edition of Fornaldarsögur Norðurlanda, 1943--1944.
(Feb 1999)
Norsk litteratur hist & hint
Nyttig bakgrunnsstoff for særemne og stiloppgaver. Information about Norwegian literature by Knut-Anders Løken.
(30 Nov 1996)
NSF -- see National Science Foundation
The Online Computer Library Center in Dublin, Ohio, are pioneers in technologies such as MARC and PURL.
OCR -- see Caere, Recognita, Xerox
Octavo Corporation
This company in Palo Alto, CA, sells CDROMs with electronic facsimile editions (in Adobe PDF format) of old and rare books. The first 13 titles come on 17 disks at $20--$40 each.
(7 Jan 1999)
Office of Technology Assessment -- see OTA Legacy
OII -- see Open Information Interchange
Okerson, Ann
Yale University librarian.
Electronic Collections Development, a collection of links.
Ann also manages Liblicense-L, an electronic mailing list for library licensing issues, where a Bibliography of Licensing Sources can be found.
OMACL -- see University of California
Omnipage -- see Caere
Online Book FAQ
Very few updates after 1993. This is a historic document.
The On-line Books Page
By John Mark Ockerbloom. Compiles a list of English language e-texts that others have made available.
(Established 1993)
Associated with this: A Celebration of Women Writers, a project coordinated by Mary Mark Ockerbloom.
Online Computer Library Center -- see OCLC
Online Medieval & Classical Library -- see University of California
Project Open Book
At Yale University Library.
Summary: Microfilm books, then scan the microfilm.
(2 Jan 1997)
Open Information Interchange (OII)
The objective of the European Commission's Open Information Interchange (OII) service is to provide all market actors -- including standards and specification developers, product and service providers, and end-users of these products and services -- with an overview of existing and emerging standards and industry specifications designed to facilitate the exchange of information in electronic form.
OII Standards and Specifications List: Geographic Information, Library Information, Archiving, Metadata
OII Guides: Archiving, Metadata, XML
(Jan 1999)
The Open Journal Project
A British research project running from May 1995 to May 1998, the Open Journal Project built a framework for publishing applications enabling journals on the Web to be interlinked in new ways.
(7 Jan 1999)
OTA -- see Oxford Text Archive
The OTA Legacy
Documents from the United States Congressional Office of Technology Assessment (OTA, closed in 1995), scanned and made publicly available by a project at Princeton University.
(April 1996)
Oxford Text Archive
At the Oxford University Computing Services. Also at Oxford, but still on Gopher and not updated since 1994, is Alex - A Catalogue of Electronic Texts on the Internet.
Persistent URL (PURL)
By The PURL Team, belonging to OCLC's Office of Research.
(3 Mar 1997)
Pictor - Projektet om den digitala bilden
A Swedish national project for digital images (web site in Swedish). Den Digitala Salongen (DDS, se ovan) och Riksantikvarieämbetet leder projektet Pictor med stöd av KK-stiftelsen. Webplatsen innehåller pekare till svenska bildhanteringsprojekt.
(Feb 1999)
Pojken och trollen
An interactive fairytale in Swedish.
(Dec 1994)
Pricing Electronic Access to Knowledge -- see University of Michigan
Project Argus -- see Argus
Project Bartleby -- see Bartleby
Project Gutenberg -- see Gutenberg
Project Laurens Janszoon Coster -- see Laurens Janszoon Coster
Project Open Book -- see Open Book
Project Runeberg -- see Linköping University
Projektet om den digitala bilden -- see Pictor
PURL -- see Persistent URL
RA -- see Riksarkivet
Rahvusraamatukogu -- see Eesti Rahvusraamatukogu
RAÄ -- see Riksantikvarieämbetet
Previously an independent producer of OCR software, now a Caere company.
(Feb 1999)
Russian and East European Studies Internet Resources, at the University of Pittsburgh, is a part of the World-Wide Web Virtual Library.
Research Libraries Group (RLG)
RLG is a not-for-profit membership corporation of institutions devoted to improving access to information that supports research and learning. Also producers of the Ariel software for digital document delivery, much used for interlibrary loans (Ariel FAQ).
RLG DigiNews is a bimonthly web-based newsletter.
(Feb 1999)
Riksarkivet (RA)
The Swedish National Archive.
(Feb 1999)
Riksantikvarieämbetet (RAÄ)
The Swedish national authority for antiquities.
Runverket: Litteratur
Antikvarisk-topografiska arkivet (ATA) - arkiv för svensk kulturminnesvård och antikvarisk forskning.
Kungl. Vitterhets Historie och Antikvitets Akademiens (KVHAA) Bibliotek tillhandahåller bland annat information om e-postlistor
(Feb 1999)
RLG -- see Research Libraries Group
Runeberg -- see Linköping University
Runverket -- see Riksantikvarieämbetet
Samnordisk rundatabas
The "All-Nordic Rune Database" project was started in 1993 and provides software and a database of encoded rune inscriptions with English translations.
SBS -- see Svenska Bibliotekariesamfundet
Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography
By Charles W. Bailey, jr. This is a selective bibliography presenting articles, books, electronic documents, and other sources that are useful in understanding scholarly electronic publishing efforts on the Internet and other networks.
(30 Sept 1997)
The Scholarly Electronic Text & Image Service (SETIS)
This is a free e-text center at University of Sydney Library, Australia.
(2 Jan 1997)
SEPB -- see Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography
SETIS -- see Scholarly Electronic Text & Image Service
SGML -- see Standard Generalized Markup Language
SGU -- see Sveriges Geologiska Undersökning
Shanghai Library, China
Digital Library Workgroup
SICS Digital Library Initiative
A digital library initiative at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS).
SIH -- see Statens Institut för Handikappfrågor i Skolan
SIL -- see Summer Institute of Linguistics
Skoldatanätet -- see Skolverket
Swedish government's National agency for education.
Skoldatanätet, initiated in 1994, the Swedish School Net is a center of competence in the use of IT in schools, and maintains links to useful websites.
(1 May 1996)
SOFI -- see Språk- och folkminnesinstitutet
The language bank, at the department of Swedish language at Gothenburg University. Has published some Nordic e-texts and Old Norse manuscripts in text and images. Also net home to Svenska Vitterhetssamfundet (below).
The greatest dictionary ever made over the Swedish language, Svenska Akademiens ordbok (SAOB), is currently available for free over the Internet.
(8 Oct 1995)
Språk- och folkminnesinstitutet (SOFI)
The Swedish Institute of Language and Folklore Research is distributed among a number of Swedish universities, including Lund and Uppsala.
(Feb 1999)
SSC -- see Swedish Space Corporation
Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML)
Is there a single authoritative reference on this subject?
SGML Open is a non-profit, international consortium of users and suppliers whose products and services support SGML and XML.
Erik Naggum's file archives on SGML at Oslo University.
Standardiseringsprojekt för landskapsinformation (STANLI)
A Swedish project for standardization of geographic information, started in 1990 by ULI (below). Forms subcommittees and produces documents:
Belägenhetsadresser, Swedish standard, SS 63 70 03
(Jan 1999)
STANLI -- see Standardiseringsprojekt för landskapsinformation
Statens Arkiver
The Danish State Archives, including the national archive (Rigsarkivet), four regional archives (Landsarkiver), the archive of commerce (Erhvervsarkivet), and the Danish computer archive (Dansk Data Arkiv).
Publications from Statens Arkiver:
Vejledning vedrørende Elektronisk Arkivering - Statens Arkivers krav til systemerne, Jan 1998 (230 kilobyte PDF)
Siden Saxo, periodical published by Statens Arkiver
(27 July 1996)
Statens Institut för Handikappfrågor i Skolan (SIH)
The Swedish government's agency for aid to the disabled in school provides information about how to design your web pages so the disabled can enjoy them too.
(1 May 1996)
Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL)
Headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Creators of the CONC concordance program for the Macintosh.
Sundsvalls Bildcentral AB
A Swedish service bureau for digitization of photographic images.
(Feb 1999)
Svenska Bibliotekariesamfundet (SBS)
The Swedish Association of University and Research Librarians arranges workshops and lectures on interesting topics.
(Feb 1999)
Svensk Bokhandel (SvB)
Swedish (paper, partly online) magazine for the book business.
Svenska sidan by Cecilia Falk
Lots of useful links for translators and writers (in Swedish).
(3 Jan 1997)
Svenska Vitterhetssamfundet (SVS)
This Swedish literary society having some 400 members, was established in 1910 with the purpose to create and publish text critical editions of classic Swedish literature. Two or three new editions appear each year. Starting in 1996, some of these are published on the Internet in cooperation with Språkbanken (above).
(Online since 1997)
Sveriges Geologiska Undersökning (SGU)
The Geological Survey of Sweden, SGU, is a government agency which investigates, documents and presents information on the bedrock, quaternary deposits and groundwater in Sweden.
(Jan 1999)
SVS -- see Svenska Vitterhetssamfundet
Swedish Institute of Computer Science -- see SICS
Swedish Libraries
Listed by Nikos Markowits at IT-kompetens.
(8 Oct 1995)
Swedish poetry translated by Darvyn Spagnolly
Includes samples of Gunnar Ekelöf, Nils Ferlin, Gustaf Fröding, Erik Johan Stagnelius, Edith Södergran.
(30 Nov 1996)
Swedish Space Corporation (SSC)
Located at Esrange near Kiruna in the very north of Sweden, SSC launches rockets and collects satellite images. GIR - Geographic Information Retrieval.
(Jan 1999)
TEI -- see Text Encoding Initiative
TextBridge -- see Xerox
Text Encoding Initiative (TEI)
Is there a single authoritative reference on this subject?
TEI P3 file list compiled by Project Runeberg.
TGN -- see Getty Information Institute
Thesaurus of Geographic Names -- see Getty Information Institute
The Transatlantic Information Exchange (TIES) was started in 1998 as part of the "New Transatlantic Agenda", the outcome of the US-EU Transatlantic Conference devoted to "Bridging the Atlantic: People-to-People Links". Especially, "The Transatlantic Digital Library is a project to link, using TIES, collections of graphic and textual material from Europe and the United States relating to transatlantic relations and themes of intrinsic European-American interest."
(11 May 1998)
Transatlantic Information Exchange -- see TIESNET
The United Kingdom Boundary Outline and Reference Database for Education and Research Study (UKBORDERS) is dedicated to providing digital boundary datasets of the UK, available in many formats (including proprietary formats), for users to download. Required login passwords are issued to staff of member institutions.
List of Related Web Sites.
(Jan 1999)
The United Kingdom Standard Geographic Base (UKSGB) aims to provide users and suppliers of geographic information with a standard and consistent approach to commonly used geographical units in the UK.
(Jan 1999)
ULI -- see Utvecklingsrådet för landskapsinformation
UMI: The Answer Company
UMI (previously known as University Microfilm International) is going digital big time. The Digital Vault Initiative (DVI) was announced on 27 June 1998 promising to offer Web access to 5.5 billion pages of historical documents in digital facsimile format. See also this article by Péter Jacsó.
Union for the Public Domain
An American-International non-profit citizens group, aiming to protect and enhance the public domain in matters concerning intellectual property.
(30 Nov 1996)
United Kingdom Boundary Outline and Reference Database for Education and Research Study -- see UKBORDERS
United Kingdom Standard Geographic Base -- see UKSGB
United States Patent and Trademark Office
A source of information about intellectual property rights, such as copyright and patents, from an American perspective.
(2 Oct 1995)
Universal Library
At the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. Initiated by Raj Reddy (et. al.?). An initial symposium was held in the spring of 1996.
(3 Mar 1997)
University of California, Berkeley
Centered around the "Berkeley SunSite", which runs at the main library on campus, several digital library activities are going on.
Ebind defines an SGML DTD for "binding" digital images of book pages back into a digital book, by mapping image filenames to pagination.
The Online Medieval & Classical Library (OMACL) is a collection of some of the most important literary works of Classical and Medieval civilization. Douglas B. Killings is responsible for the project. Among other things, OMACL has published an English translation of Heimskringla.
(21 Apr 1997)
The Bancroft Library's California Heritage Collection includes the Robert B. Honeyman, Jr. Collection Digital Archiving Project.
(Announced 1 Dec 1998)
University of Chicago
The Project forAmerican and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language (ARTFL) has published a searchable version of the first volume (1751) of Diderot's Encyclopedie.
University of Michigan
The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor (School of Information, Library, Digital Library Production Service, Press) is home to many digital library initiatives:
Also in Ann Arbor is JSTOR (above).
University Microfilm International -- see UMI
USPTO -- see United States Patent and Trademark Office
Utvecklingsrådet för landskapsinformation (ULI)
The Swedish Development Council for Land Information is an independent non profit making organisation formed in 1986, aiming at more efficient use of land information. Starter of STANLI (above).
(Jan 1999)
V, W
This "Web Library" is a cooperative effort among Iceland's public libraries, and a good collection of links to things Icelandic. Vefbókasafnið er samvinnuverkefni almenningsbókasafna á Íslandi með völdum vefsíðum á íslensku og erlendum málum.
(Feb 1999)
Verlag Traugott Bautz -- see Bautz
Virginia Tech
Courseware in Digital Libraries from the Education Infrastructure Project at the Department of Computer Science at Virginia Polytechnical Institute. Web pages maintained by Professor Ed Fox.
Vitterhetsakademin -- see Kungliga Vitterhets Historie och Antikvitets Akademien
Vitterhetssamfundet -- see Svenska Vitterhetssamfundet
W3C -- see World Wide Web Consortium
Wiretap Electronic Text Archive
"Probably the single useful gopher resource remaining on the Internet."
(Established 1990)
The World of the Vikings
A joint effort by The National Museum of Denmark, The York Archaeological Trust, and Past Forward Ltd. Provides a wealth of pointers to Viking resources on the net.
(13 Sep 1995)
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
Develops common protocols (including file formats HTML and XML) that promote the evolution of the World Wide Web and ensure its interoperability.
(Founded in Oct 1994)
Xerox, The Document Company
Producer of scanners, OCR software (TextBridge), and integrated solutions.
(Feb 1999)
XML -- see Extensible Markup Language

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