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PDF Downloads

Since April 2013, our PDF downloads are broken. This is becase our program for generating them (facspdf.pl, written in February 2003) is based on a third party software library (pdflib_pl) that is no longer included in the standard distribution of Ubuntu Linux.

The PDF downloads were not very good anyway. They only contained a single scanned page (between 50 kilobytes and 2 megabytes), since this was the reasonable amount for most users to download when the program was first written in 2003. Today downloads of many hundred megabytes are not unreasonable, so we should perhaps offer PDF downloads of an entire book. There is also a demand for other download options, such as one chapter or article at a time, and other formats, such as ePub.

Any of these options, as well as restoring our old PDF download, would require some software development, that we hope to be able to do at a later date.

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