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Support for 3Com PalmPilot

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Support for 3Com PalmPilot

by Lars Aronsson

[See also Support for WindowsCE]

Project Runeberg supports the "Aportis Doc" format for reading literature on your 3Com PalmPilot. This is a proprietary format supported by software from Aportis Technologies. For more information on this format and other small computers, also visit Lysator's PDA pages.

We are using uncompressed "doc" format. Currently (August 1997) this is still an experiment, and only a few of our texts are available in this format. These are:

Dan Andersson, Dikter (Swedish poetry)
Download dadikter.pdb (99 kbyte)
Experimental versions:
dadikt01.pdb non-compressed, uncommon byte order (98 kbyte)
dadikt02.pdb compressed, uncommon byte order (55 kbyte)
dadikt03.pdb non-compressed, common byte order (98 kbyte)
dadikt04.pdb compressed, common byte order (55 kbyte)
Dan Andersson, Kolvaktarens visor (Swedish poetry)
Download kolvakt.pdb (44 kbyte)
Carl Michael Bellman, Fredmans epistlar (Swedish songs)
Download fredepis.pdb (240 kbyte)
I. H. Borrebæk, Paa uvante stier (Norwegian traveller's guide)
Download borrebek.pdb (90 kbyte)
Karin Boye, Härdarna (Swedish poetry)
Download boyehard.pdb (42 kbyte)
Karin Boye, Moln (Swedish poetry)
Download boyemoln.pdb (34 kbyte)
Selma Lagerlöf, Gösta Berlings saga (Swedish novel)
Download berling.pdb (800 kbyte)
Selma Lagerlöf, Herr Arnes penningar (Swedish novel)
Download herrarne.pdb (140 kbyte)
Nordic Authors (reference)
Download nordauth.pdb (144 kbyte, compressed Doc). This is a compact text version of Project Runeberg's database of more than 6,500 famous people from the Nordic countries, listing years of birth and death, nationality and profession. Full biographies are not included, but their presence on the Internet is indicated by an asterisk for each name.
August Strindberg, Fröken Julie (Swedish drama)
Download frkjulie.pdb (76 kbyte)
Alternative version: frkjul02.pdb non-compressed, common byte order (68 kbyte)
Alternative version: frkjul03.pdb compressed, common byte order (40 kbyte)
Alternative version: frkjul07.pdb compressed, common byte order, no 8bit chars (38 kbyte)

We do need your comments on this matter!

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