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Scanned by...

In addition to scanning books of our own, Project Runeberg is also copying scanned images from other projects. This is an increasing trend, especially with image sources such as the Internet Archive and Google Book Search, where we can add proofreading, structure and background information to books pertaining to Scandinavia.

In February 2007 we started to mark up our image sources in a standardized way. As part of our metadata, we use a field IMAGE_SOURCE to indicate from where we got the scanned images. For multi-volume works and journals, this metadata is provided per volume, not per work, since our sources typically provide a separate PDF for download for each volume, and ofter provide incomplete sets of multi-volume works. In the starting page of such a volume, this results in a logotype and a brief text at the end of the "preface to the electronic edition", just before the volume's table of contents. For this purpose, we designed the following logotypes:

At the time of writing, we don't yet have any way to search our works based on image source. This could be a nice feature for the future. Here is a brief timeline of what we have copied and when:

October 2003: One volume: America of the Fifties: Letters of Fredrika Bremer.

January 2005: Three volumes: I utvecklingstid. En berättelse om flickor, Ivar or the Skjuts-Boy, Pictures of Sweden.

October 2005: One volume: Swenske songer eller wisor nw på nytt prentade.

November 2005: Two volumes: Jernvägs-skola, Lunds universitets historia.

December 2006: One volume: The Social Significance of the Modern Drama.

January 2007: One volume: Biographiske underrättelser om professorer vid kongl. universitetet i Lund, ifrån dess inrättning till närvarande tid.

February 2007: More than fifty volumes. These logotypes introduced.

January 2010: Added NBdigital, the Norwegian national library.

October 2011: Added Kvinnsam, Gothenburg University

January 2012: Added Pomorska biblioteka cyfrowa (Gdansk) and RCIN, Poland

April 2012: Added Stockholmskällan

November 2012: Added KB.dk. The image sources are given as kb.dk:KGL01008487907 corresponding to the doc= parameter in the rex.kb.dk catalog.

February 2013: Added Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main.

August 2013: Added Dramawebben, Harvard.

September 2013: Added Litteraturbanken, SAC.

October 2013: Added the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL).

December 2013: Added the British Library: Elfsyssel, Skånska kommissionen af 1669-1670, Stockholm under medeltiden och Vasatiden, Öfver verldshafven under tretungad flagg, Bilder från det gamla Malmö, Resningen 1568.

January 2015: Added Bækur.is (University of Iceland).

2018: Added Göteborgs, Uppsala.

2019: Added Umeå, Kansalliskirjasto.fi, Academica.

2020: Added Hathi Trust, Bavarian State Library (BSB), Alvin.

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