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ATS 2 1 1

Skottland, fann en forskare1 ej mindre ån 24 personer,
— mån, kvinnor och barn, — hörande till fyra familjer.
Ingången till grottan ligger så lagt, att tidvattnet vid vissa
\indar når dit upp och tvingar de inneboende att draga

Fig 11 Nutida grottboning. Frankrike

1 Arthur Mitchell, The Påst in the Present (Edinburgh, 1880).
Han berättar har (sid. 73) om sitt besök i grottan bland annat: »It

was nine at night, and getting dark when we reached it––––—

The inmates had retired to rest for the night a short time before our
arrival, but their fires were still smouldering .... The beds, on
which \\e found these people lying, consisted of straw, gräss, and
bräckens, spread upon the röck or shingle, and each was supplied with
one or two dirty, ragged blankets or pieces of matting. On the bed
nearest the entrance lay a man and his wife, both absolutely naked,
and two little children in the same state .... I paid a second visit
to this cave, when we found 18 inmates, most of whom were at an
early supper, consisting of porridge and treacle, apparently well
cook-ed and clean»

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