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Tema: Icelandic Literature, Vikings, Tradition: Myths, Tales, Songs
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Edda Sæmundar

Songs of Old Norse Gods and Heroes

Preface to the electronic edition

This is the poetic Edda (Edda Sæmundar), transferred to modern day Icelandic. The electronic edition was produced in 1995 by Adalsteinn Davidsson and Ulf Trygve Tollefsen. It is far from complete. See also the Swedish translation by Erik Brate.

Notes to the Icelandic version

The "o-cedilla" (o̧) is an o with a comma (,) below it. This letter was used in Old Norse, but is not represented in the ISO 8859-1 character set. In modern day Icelandic, it has been replaced by "o-dieresis", an o with two dots on top (ö). In the electronic edition, we have chosen to do the same. After the text was converted to UTF-8 in 2012, the ö is still used.

The electronic text of "Völuspá" is a contribution from Adalsteinn Davidsson. He notes that this is the text of Codex Regius with two exceptions:

The electronic text of "Frá dauða Baldurs" is a contribution from Ulf Trygve Tollefsen. He notes that this is a direct transcript from page 69 in "Språklinjer", published by Norsk Undervisningsforlag in 1991. The original text has been slightly revised, well over 100 years ago.

Table of Contents

Title and contents
[Helga kviða Hundingsbana II] Frá völsungum
Frá dauða Baldurs

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