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(1910) [MARC] Author: Mary Karadja
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Those who wish to assist in spreading the Pure Gnosis by
distributing copies of these booklets among their friends, can
obtain them at reduced price, viz:

15 copies of The Seven Sacpaments for 10/-

15 copies of The Ancient Therapeuts for 5/-

if application is made directly to Princess Karadja’s Secretary;

Address: (1st April to 1st Dec. 1910)—Gouvy, Belgium.

„ (1st Dec, 1910, to 15th July, 1911)—
11, King’s Road, Sloane Square,
, S.W.

Observe!—No reduction can be made on copies ordered through booksellers.

Those who are unable to assist the cause materially, can
render valuable aid to the Propaganda by mentioning the books to
their friends.

The greater part of the editions now printed will be given
away to public libraries, schools, hospitals and members of the
English and American Clergy.

The net sums realised by the sale of these two booklets will
be used to cover printing expenses of the following lectures.

Voluntary contributions or donations would gratefully be
accepted if addressed to

The Gnosis Propaganda Fund,

        c/o Messrs. Drummond,

                49, Charing Cross, W.C.

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