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(1910) [MARC] Author: Mary Karadja
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Divine Seed in their own heart has reached glorious
maturity ; Angelic hands have baptized them with
tears they have shed in silence; Invisible Sponsors
have led their spiritual evolution ; and to-day these
despised " heathen " are Sons and Daughters of God.
The Church declares the Holy Supper to have been
instituted by Jesus Christ. It is, however, an un-
deniable fact that the Mystery of Holy Communion was
celebrated in different countries several thousands of
years before the Incarnation of Jesus. The magnificent
discoveries of Modern Archseology have proved this
In Egypt, Mexico, India, and Greece we find traces
of this Sacrament. Communion with bread and wine
played an important part in all the ancient Mysteries.
The notion of a heavenly food,—through the consump-
tion of which Man was Deified,—is of very ancient
In one of the Vedic hymns the worshipper exclaims
" We have drunk the Soma, we have become immortal,
we have entered the Light, we have known the Gods
The Egyptian " Book of the Dead,"—which is the
Manual used at the Great Initiation,—speaks of " the
food of the Gods behind the Shrine." The Neophyte
exclaims :
" My bread is white ;
my drink is red : I eat
them under the trees I know, the branches beautiful."

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