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(1910) [MARC] Author: Mary Karadja
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Soul which has ascended into the Divine Presence re-
descends of its own free accord as a Messenger. But
Good-will and Peace ever walk hand in hand. Those
who labour for others enjoy rest in the Lord : they
" rest beneath the Altar," sustained by the Food of
Heaven, the Celestial " Meat " ever granted to those
who do the will of the Father (John iv. 34). The will
of the Father is " that not one of those little ones shall
perish." We cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven
until we have done His will and brought home the
sheep that have gone astray (Matt. vii. 21).
May the Church of Rome, which claims to have the
Monopoly of Salvation, remember that
In the Sacrament of the Altar each vigorous young
Tree which has grown up from the Divine Seed de-
posited in the Heart of " every man that cometh into
the world ’’
(John i. 9) yields up his right to a separate
existence, and is transformed into a tiny twig upon the
Great Tree of Life.
The Wine and Bread are nutritious elements which
sustain temporal life in separate individuals : the Blood
of Christ is the life-giving Sap which supplies nourish-
ment to all the Members of the Invisible Church,
" In Him we live and move and have our being."
Wine and Bread belong to the Realm of perishable
Matter : the Mystic Blood and Flesh of Christ belong
to the Realm of Immortal Substance. Through the
Holy Eucharist the regenerated Soul acquires the

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