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(1910) [MARC] Author: Mary Karadja
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for those who have led pure lives, according to earthly
standards. This is the " Fiery Ordeal," mystically
called " the valley of the shadow of death." All men
and women inevitably have to traverse it when they
leave the physical body, but those who are admitted
to the great Initiation pass the Burning Furnace while
they are still in the flesh. Plunged in a death-like
trance, they behold all the inexorable past in the
merciless light of eternal verity and in an agony of
shame :
" they begin to say to the mountains ’
Fall on
us,’ and to the hills ’
Cover us !

During the Fiery Ordeal the Soul is brought face
to face with the "Accuser," the terrible being mentioned
repeatedly in Scripture. The Accuser is graphically
represented in the shape of a Crocodile-headed Sphinx
on the Ancient Egyptian drawing which represents
the Judgment of Osiris. The Accuser presides at the
Ceremony when the Heart is weighed in the balance
against the symbol of Divine Law. None of. us could
weigh down the Scale representing JUSTICE, unless
Grace placed itself at our side and supplied all that
is lacking.
No Man can pass victorious through the Fiery Ordeal
unless he is at-oned with the Saviour. We would all
succumb unless the Sacrament of Holy Communion ever
preceded that of Penance. "The Blood of Christ
wipes away all sin." That old familiar sentence is verily

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