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(1910) [MARC] Author: Mary Karadja
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T^mes. —"This poem was originally written in Swedish, and went
through six editions, and has been translated into German, Dutch,
and Danish. The present English verse-translation is by the Author
EngZisft Mwil.—" The translation into English vernacular does this
talented lady great credit, and, had she not acquainted the English
readers with the fact that it is a mere translation of her former work,
it would easily have been accepted as a piece of original English verse,
80 rich is the language and so melodious its tone."
Pall Mall Qaiette.—" .... a noble message from the Great
Aberdeen Da/ih/ Journal.—" This poem is a powerful meditation on
the theme :
’ Whatsoever a man sows that shall he reap.’
Universe.—" The poetess has a wonderful mastery of blank verse
and an excellent ear for English rhythm."
Ocealt Eevieui. —"This poem has met with a very considerable
Bucoess. There are incidents powerfully described. . . . The
poem is in blank verse of considerable vigour. It is interesting both
as a psychic experience and as a description of after-death conditions
and is thoroughly readable."
CatTioUc Watchman.—’ .... this work contains a certain
number of truths, taught by the Catholic Church."
Nottinghami Ouardian,—" .... a deeply impressive work . , .
East and West, Bombay " This poem is both a psychic problem
and an inspiring message. . . . It is so remarkable that it requires
no story of a wondrous birth to account for its extraordinary success.
That treacherous medium, blank verse, is handled with an ease and
accuracy rare enough among native writers of the language, and
remarkable in one whose thoughts are habitually expressed in another
tongue. The poem is on the theme of Eternal Hope. It is at once
a warning and a promise. No theologian has better defined the
unforgivable sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, but no sermon,
taking the Founder of the Christian Faith as the Way, the Truth, and
the Life, ever contained less of dogmatic theology," etc.
Light.—" The story is told in a dramatic and moving language.
There are a chain of circumstances powerfully described. The poem
in the original Swedish has a delightfully musical flow, and much of
this is preserved in the translation made by the Princess herself, on
the success of which she is to be highly congratulated."
Theosophical Review. —" This mystic poem contains a serious state-
ment of an after-life experience. , . . The various steps of penance
and repentance are graphically ^escribed,"

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