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(1910) [MARC] Author: Mary Karadja
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A Mystic Poem. Third thousand. Elegantly bound copies 2s.
In neat paper covers is. This work has received the cordial
approbation of several eminent theologians in England
and elsewhere.
Pall Mall Gazette. —" A noble message from the great Beyond."
Aberdeen Daily Journal.—"This poem is a powerful meditation
on the theme :

Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he reap.’
Universe.—"The poetess has a wonderful mastery of blank verse,
and an excellent ear for English rhythm."
Catholic Watchman.—"This work contains a certain number of
truths, taught by the Catholic Church."
Nottingham Guardian.—" A deeply impressive work."
Glasgow Times.—" A remarkable inspiration. The theme is based
upon the autobiography of a man who, after having enjoyed all earthly
pleasures, is disgusted with life and commits suicide. His soul,
however, is as living as ever. It is the narrative of his spirit-life which
forms the main interest in the poem, and his subsequent redemption
through Sorrow, Mercy, and Love, to Divine Forgiveness. This difficult
—one might say daring —conception is beautifully worked out by
Princess Karadja with an originality, a simplicity, and a religious
sympathy which will appeal to the general reader as well as to the
metaphysician. From start to finish the poem maintains a high level of
East and West.—" This poem is so remarkable that it requires no
story of a wondrous birth to account for its extraordinary success," etc.
Tasinanian News.—" A wonderful poem. . . There is found
therein some of the highest flights. It glows with poetry of the
’gem order.’ Beautiful thoughts are enwrapped in beautiful language."
The Harbinger of Light. —It is seldom that a work absolutely
unknown in Australia should obtain at once such a first-rate importance
as Princess Karadja’s poem. So warmly was it welcomed, that many of
those fortunate enough to obtain copies read and re-read its glowing
pages, affirming that new beauties revealed themselves with each
successive perusal. Towards the Light is a " gem of purest
ray serene."
’ Her Majesty Queen Alexandra has graciously intimated
her pleasure in accepting a presentation copy."

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