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(1910) [MARC] Author: Mary Karadja
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the sacred letters forming the Divine Name was the
means used to create the world. Knowledge of ’the Nomen
Ineffaibile or Shem-Ha-Mephorash was reserved for the
most advanced members of the brotherhood ; the key to
the Holy Name was delivered to the disciple with great
solemnity. It was the name made known to Moses at the
vision at Mount Horeb. Its utterance was prohibited.
The High Priest alone spoke the Name of God on the
Day of Atoneanent. His voice was merged! in the song of
the priests, so that it should not reach those unworthy
to hear it. After the Destruction of the Second Temple,
the Inner Meaning of the Tetragrammaton was lost
there remained no trace of knowledge as to the correct
pronunciation of the name.
I cannot dwell longer upon this subject now. It v/ould
require an entire lecture to be properly treated.
This great analogy of doctrine between the most pious
memtiers of the Jewish community and so-called " pagan "
philosophers may seem startling to the outsider, who is
not aware of the inner unity of all revealed) religions.
Both the Healers and the Pythagoreans were initiates,
and recognised as brethren. God-fearing men of all de-
uominations, quite irrespective of outward creeds.
There has never been ,more than one single religion,
revealed and re-revealed, all through the ages. It is ex-
pressly stated in Holy Scripture that Moses was initiated
into all the wisdom of Egypt. Philo informs us in his
tract " On Repentance " that Moses brought together the
most pious members of his nation and invited them to
his most secret mysteries. We all know that there is
nothing mysterious in the exotei’ic religion founded by
Moses. It is interesting to know that he reserved his
esoteric teaching to the most (highly evolved men of his
race. The mystei-ies into which he initiated them were
identical to those revealed in pre-historic times to the
builder of the Great Pyramid.
The ancient wisdom was handed down from prophet
to prophet. We know for certain that Ahijah, the great
teacher of Elijah, was an Essene. He was one of the so-
called "seven long-lived saints" of Palestine. Ahijah
handed down to Elijah the Mystic Mantle, symbolic ot
superhuman power, which was afterwards given to Elisha.
The high hierophant was styled the Eagle ; the serving
brethren were called the Ravens. Knowledjge of this cir-
cumstance gives a very simple and natural explanation to
the fact that Elijah was fed in the desert by the Ravens.
They were his sahordinates, and as such bound to attend
to his wants, and not birds, as is generally supposed by
the ignorant.

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