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(1910) [MARC] Author: Mary Karadja
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importance. Jesus said ;
" Whasoeiver shall do the will
of God the same shall be My brother and My sister and
My mother."
The Healers commanded their ’disciples to call no man
on earth MASTER ; so did Jesus.
Like Him, the Essenes laid great stress on being meek
and] lov/ly in spirit. They enjoined their members to
mutual service : they praised the poor in spirit, the
merciful, the pure in heart, and the peacemakers.
Both the Bssejies and Christ declared that the power
to cast out evil spirits and to perform miraculous cures
would be possessed by their disciples. Boftih. combined
the healing of the body with Uiat of the soul.
The Essenes avoided swearing ; their simple word was
more brnding than an oath. Jesus told His disciples to
say merely yea, yea, and nay, nay.
The manner in which Jesus directed His disciples to
go on a journey (Matt, x.) is the same which the
Essenes adopted when they started on a mission of
mercy ; they never possesseii two coats and two pairs of
shoes, but used the same garments until they were
utterly worn out. They were never provided with gold
and silver ’because tfiiey knew that the members of the
brotheiftiood disseminated all over Palestine would sup-
ply them with all that they needed. All that the dis-
ciples had to do, when they arrived in a new city, was
to inquire, "Who is worthy V That is, " What Essenes
are there in this town ?
The Healers veiled all their inner teaching in parables.
It is said about Jesus :
" Without parables spake
He not unto them ; and when they were alone He ex-
pounded] all things to His disciples."
The Essenes paid the highest homage to the law-giver
—that is, the Holy Ghost, the Ruach Hakodesh. Those
guilty of blasphemy were punished with death. We know
that Jesus considered that sin against the Holy Ghost
oould not be pardoned.
The axe was one of the main symbols of the Essenes ;
their axe was laid unflinchingly at the root of those
trees v?hich dlid not carry fruit.
T might add another score of analogies.
I think that you will all find from th© points already
mentioned that there are s, good many reasons to presume
that Jesus and His disciples belonged to the Brotherhood
of Healers.
But there is one circumstance which transforms all
mere suppositions into quasi-certitude ; that is Jesais’s

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