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(1910) [MARC] Author: Mary Karadja
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secret societies—Rosicrucians, Martinists, Oddfellows,
Illuminatii, and. last, but not least, the Freemasons—
are descended from those Palestine mystics, the Bannaim,
or Builders, who preserved all through the ages the
heritage left by the Ancient Healers.
The aim of the Crusaders was to deliver the hoi.,y
TOMB. They imagined that they served Deity by cari.’y-
ing ruin and desolation into foreign lands ; they com-
mitted calmly the most terrible cruelties to the Glory of
Mistaken conceptions of duty ever arise through our
deplorable tendency of materialising spiritual truths.
When in former days the Jews received tne command :
’ Kill the animal !
" they began to slaughter hecatombs
of innocent beasts. They did not understand that the
animal which has to be killed resides within our own
breast and is our own lower nature.
When the Emperor Constantine saw in the heavens
the sign of the cross and heard a voice call out, " In this
sign shalt thou conquer !
" he nominally embraced Chris–
tianity, in the hope of thus obtaining victory over his
enemies. He never grasped that the true warrior of
Christ has no enemy save the old Adam, and that the
only conquest attainable through the Cross is the conquest
of the Kingdom of Heaven.
When Peter the Hermit heard a voice from above call
out, " Deliver the Holy Tomb !
" he misinterpreted the
celestial message. The Holy Tomb which must be de-
livered is not a geographical locality. The Holy Tomb
is the gross physical frame in which a Divine spark is
buried. That spark has to be transformed into a, great
light. It will gradually illuminate and transfigure the
coarse bushel of matter in which it still is embedded and
We are not for ever to remain shrouded in coats of
skin, dense physical bodies, which prevent us from per-
ceiving the glories of the Beyond. Nay ! We are some
day to be clothed with incorruptible bodies. We have
to conquer the Golden Fleece !
May the gentle hands of the Modern Healers assist
Humanity to recover physical and spiritual health !
May we all obey the Divine command, and start a
new crusade in order to deliver for ever the Holt Tomb !

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