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18 The Manifesto Calling the Conference
Mr. The greatest immediate need is the printing and circulating of at
,^ ^ least a million copies of the Russian Bible, three million copies of the
New Testament and a large supply of the very best Russian evangelical
literature. Then several hundred evangelists, colporteurs and Chris-
^y#v" tian workers must be trained and equipped for service in Russia.
Already one hundred Russians in America have offered themselves for
soul-saving service in their native land and are now in training, and
there are also hundreds of converted and educated men in Russia who
have suffered for their faith and who now need to be rallied and
A Vital Factor
As a very vital factor in the realization of a comprehensive evangel-
ization plan for Russia we must immediately undertake the thorough
’ evangelization of the Russian and other Slavonic people, in our own
^ country and Canada, in order that they in great numbers, being con-
verted and trained here, may return to their native lands fully
equipped for effective service. Last, but not least, the united prayers
of God’s people everywhere must be offered up in behalf of these long
neglected multitudes.
We feel that the time has now come for the assembling of evangel-
ical leaders and those whose hearts are moved for a general meeting
of prayer and conference. God seems to be leading very definitely in
this direction. Accordingly, we, the undersigned, send out this invita-
tion to all who are stirred by the Spirit of God to assemble tor the
First General Conference in Behalf or the Evangelization of Russia
to be held from June 24th to June 28th, 1918, in the city of Chicago, at
the Moody Tabernacle, corner North Avenue and North Clark Street.
A choir of about fifty students from the Russian Bible Institute of
Philadelphia are expected to be present to sing their beautiful Russian
hymns during conference week. Russian-speaking and other Slavonic
evangelists and missionary workers of the Cliicago Tract Society will
also give their aid. •.
Ministers and friends who find it impossible to attend, but who are
moved to have some part in this work, are urged to arrange special
prayer services during the conference week, and all evangelical min-
isters are requested to preach special missionary sermons on "Russian
\/^}c Mission Sunday," jjune 23rd.’ Material of interest in connection with
the evangelization of Russia, will be sent to ministers, Sunday-school
superintendents and Bible class leaders upon application.
Any friends unable to attend, but whose hearts are stirred to take
some financial part in this work, can send their gifts to Mr. A M.
Johnson (President of the National Life Insurance Co. of the U. S. A.),
and Treasurer of the conference, 29 S. La Salle St., Chicago, 111.

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