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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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The Manifesto Calling the Conference 21
P. W. Philpott, Pastor, Gospel Tabernacle, Hamilton, Ont.
R, B. Haines, Jr., Sec’y American Branch, Scripture Gift Mission,
George William Carter, Gen. Sec, New York Bible Society.
Arvid Gordh, Pastor, First Swedish Baptist Church, New York.
N. B. Grubb, Bishop, First Mennonite Church, Philadelphia.
A. J. Ramsey, Dean, Union Missionary Training Institute, Brooklyn,
N. Y.
Joshua Oden, Irving Park Swedish Lutheran Church, Chicago.
Otto Hogfeld, Editor, Mission Friend, Chicago,
Elof K. Jonson, Pastor, Swed. Ev. Luth’n Ebenezer Church, Chi-
R. J. Miller, Editor, United Presb. S. S. Publications, Pittsbu^gh.^/
Harry Lindblom, Pastor, Lakeview Swed. Free Church, Chicago.
Eric Olson, Missionary Evangelist, Chicago.
George W. Taft, Dean, Northern Baptist Theological Seminary,
Harris H. Gregg, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Wm. a. Dumont, Pastor, First Refd Ch., Coxsackie, N. Y.
John Y. Ewart, Pastor, Presb. Ch., Colorado Springs, Colo.
Adolph Lydell, one time Missionary in Russia, Chicago.
William S. Dodd, formerly of Konia, Asia Minor. Montclair, N. J.
Don S. Colt, Madison Square M. E. Church, Baltimore, Md.
H. W. LoHRENZ, Hillsboro, Kans.
John R. Davies, Bethlehem Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Pa.
Hugh H. Bell, San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo,
Rev. August Delbon, Pastor, Swedish Mission Church, Turlock, Cal.
E. Aug. Skogsbergh, Pastor emeritus, Swedish Tabernacle, Minne-
apolis, Minn.
J. I. Landsman, London, England.
David MacNaughton, Chicago.
Julius Rohrbach, Chicago.
R. V. Bingham, Editor, Evangelical Christian, Toronto, Canada.
Daniel Hoffman Martin, Pastor, Fort Washington Presb. Church,
New York City.
Joseph M. Steele, Philadelphia.
David Nyvall, President, North Park College, Chicago.
A. W. RoFFE, Toronto, Canada.
James F. Riggs, Jr., Associate Pastor, Lafayette Avenue Presb.
Church, Brooklyn, N. Y.
A. DeWitt Mason, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Floyd W. Tomkins, Pastor, Church of the Holy Trinity, Philadelphia. ^.
F. W. Troy, Pastor, Sumner Ave. Baptist Church, Brooklyn, N. Y.

E. A. Halleen, Pres. Swed. Free Church of America, Rockford, 111.

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