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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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28 The Opening Service
of those many millions! AH the powers of evil are gathering their
forces of superstition, ignorance, false doctrine, and infidelity to over-
come the people. They are fiercely astir and they are not counting
the cost. What a shame, if we should sluggishly allow this golden
opportunity to pass! Ours would be the full responsibility of un-
speakable loss to the kingdom of God. That no such calamity may
occur, let us earnestly hope and pray! Let us remember in our
prayers the good leaders of this great movement, that they may be
filled with courage and the sure hope of accomplishing the great work;
and may the work be enlarged both in numbers and in the intensity
of true missionary spirit!"
The last speaker was the Rev. Gust. F. Johnson, of Minneapolis. He
captured the audience from the very beginning with one of those elo-
quent and convincing speeches which have given him his great repu-
tation. His theme was "Will a Man Rob God?" (Mai. 3:8).
During the meeting the student choir of the Russian Bible Institute
sang under the leadership of their president. Pastor William Fetler.
The Rev. N. F. Hoijer offered the closing prayer and dismissed the
mid-summer day congregation with the benediction.
The Swedish Standard of Chicago, speaking of this meeting, said:
"It was an imposing scene to witness such numbers of Swedish people
gathered together with the one purpose, the evangelization of Russia,
for which a warm interest is now manifest in our country among all
evangelical churches."

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