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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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MY heart is full. I have a great many things I want to say, but
cannot for a very different reason from that which led our
blessed Lord to say, "I have many things to say unto you, but
ye cannot bear them now." The Teacher was able to teach but the
scholars were not able to learn. Well, it is not that way with us. I
have many things to say unto you, but I have only a very short time in
which to say them.
I was going to speak on Prayer this morning, and I just thought
about it in the night. If I speak on prayer, I can get everyone in the
audience that is before me to agree to any propositions about prayer
that I state; and if I state the conditions of prayer, if I state that the
effectual fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much, everyone will
say. Amen. But it is not intellectual assent to a proposition that we
need, it is something more than that. Carlyle and Ruskin were talking
together once about literature, and both of them had a right to some
opinion on that question; and Carlyle said to Ruskin, "How do you
account for it that some of the ablest literateurs of the day, men who
write on themes of vital interest, men who issue books well written,
of profound thought and of finest literary attainment, can hardly get
sale enough for them to pay the expenses of publishing; whereas some
trashy novel"—and I do not know what he would have said today if
he could have seen some of our novels—"some trashy novel, with no
literary merit whatever, will sell by scores of thousands." And after
a profound pause, Ruskin said: "Well, there is only one explanation
I can think of, but it is quite sufficient, and that is, that the novel,
however trashy, has love in it." You know that yourself, and you have
gone through the story to see how the thing is going to end. The
thing, brethren, that we want to see in the great truths of our holy
faith, is that they are nothing at all, unless there is vital union with
the Lord Jesus and love to do His will.
Burden Bearing
Do you remember what it says in Galatians 6:2? "Bear ye one an-
other’s burdens." Oh, what a word that is! "Bear ye one another’s
burdens!" That is in the second verse; and the fifth verse says, "Every
man shall bear his own burden." The two words are slightly different
in the Greek, and the one has reference to a load, a weight beneath
which a man is staggering; just as you may see on the street a man or

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