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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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A Symposium 111
listen very eagerly and often thank us for coming, and urge us to
come again. We distribute literature at the open-air meetings, which
is thankfully received. Most of these people could not be reached in
any other way. One of my listeners recently pulled out a Testament
from his pocket, and said to me: "Here I learned the Gospel for the
first time and now I belong to a mission. This book is my greatest
I feel deeply grateful for the opportunity of being at this First
General Conference for the Evangelization of Russia, because the
larger part of the Polish population, which in a way I represent,
is found in the Russian country, that we desire to evangelize. You
have heard an appeal on behalf of the Russians, and on behalf of the
six million Jews in Russia. My friends, I come pleading for more
than fifteen million Poles in Russia.
The Niobe of Nations
Poland is the Niobe of nations today. You remember, the Greeks
had a story of Niobe, a mother of fourteen children of whom she was
very proud. She offended the gods, and so all her children perished;
and the mother of sorrow turned into a stone from grief. In Rome
there is to be found a piece of old sculpture, representing Niobe and
her children. The story of the suffering of the Polish people in the
present war and the heroism of the Polish soldiers is yet to be told.
About two million Poles of military age were drafted into the three
foreign armies, the Russian, the German and the Austrian, and lined
up on the opposite sides, brother against his brother. The Poles
realized that they must fight for their own independence, so they
created the Polish legions, for which the people have sacrificed every-
thing they possessed. Domestic servants gave all their savings. A
blind man gave his instrument, a violin, by which he was making his
daily bread. Gold rings poured into the treasury, and soon no mar-
ried couples were wearing this emblem of wedlock. It was considered
a shame not to have offered these rings to the military treasury. The
ladies of the higher classes spent whole nights sewing underwear
for the soldiers. One thought was uppermost in all,—the equipment
of the Polish army.
"The Polish question is the key to the European vault," said Na-
poleon. Upon its proper solution the future peace of central Europe
will largely depend. President Wilson in that memorable address of

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