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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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A Symposium 113
Bible to carry in his pocket. He said: "I had a Bible, but I lost it,
and now I feel lost without it. You give this money to the church
treasurer, but send me a Bible." I shall have difficulty in sending it
to him, because he did not send a request from a superior officer that
this Bible might be sent to him. I certainly will do my best however
to get that Bible through to him. One of the most exemplary young
men in my church, a high-school student, left yesterday for the army.
I never met a young man who craved education as this boy did; yet,
though not a citizen, he waived his rights so that he might serve our
A Great Hindrance
Now what hinders our work here in America is denominationalism.
The Pole doesn’t know much about our divisions and so he doesn’t
want to go to any of our churches because he knows that we are all
so divided. There was a Pole, a member of a Polish Presbyterian
Church; and another Pole speaking about him, said: "He is not a
Pole. He is a Presbyterian." Now let us not make a mistake, but
let us build among these people one big Protestant Christ-centered
church. And let us not make a mistake with reference to the
parochial schools. In Michigan we are just starting a civic league
that is trying to get the Polish boys and girls into the public schools.
We are finding out that they are better educated and better prepared
for life in the public schools. Let me tell you what the Catholic
Church is saying about our public school system. They say it is an
imperfect and vicious system of education, which undermines the re-
ligion of the young, etc. But we are sending our Polish children to
the public schools, and we want them to be able to read the Gospel.
There are over twenty Polish Protestant churches in America. We
have six preparatory schools for men and, as far as I have been able
to learn, we have four preparatory schools for women. We have three
Christian papers and one is promoted by the Chicago Tract Society,
The Words of Life, which is circulated widely. It contains the words
of life, and these are what we want our people to get. So I plead to-
day for these Polish people in this country. And God bless you.
Christian brothers, Russians and all others, as you go out to Russia,
many of you, to preach! But don’t forget our Polish people and their
need of the Gospel.
I am very glad to say something about the Bulgarians. They and
the Russians have many things in common. Politically, Bulgaria

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