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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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A Symposium 115
among the Bulgarians at all the places I have mentioned. Here we
have a Bulgarian mission reading room at 818 West Adams Street,
near Halsted. This is at present the only religious work carried on
among the Bulgarians in Chicago. Our work is not only strictly un-
denominational, but it is also interdenominational. I am a Methodist,
but I never preach Methodism to our people. My co-workers who
visit the Bulgarian colonies in all these great states and Canada be-
long to different denominations, but we never discuss between our-
selves our denominations. We only try, with God’s help, to preach
and to spread the pure Gospel among our people. For the present our
Chicago meetings are held in the reading room every Sunday after-
noon, from two to four o’clock. Two different meetings are held. The
first is strictly religious. Three or four Gospel hymns are sung,
prayer is offered, the Scriptures read and a sermon is preached. The
second meeting is educational. We give lectures on temperance, good
morals, good citizenship, how to keep well, and give our men useful
information on various subjects of special value to them. Our Bul-
garian Daily Herald has opened its columns for articles on religious
and moral subjects. This paper has a daily circulation of over eight
thousand and is the most widely circulated Bulgarian paper in
America. I have written for this paper for the last two years nearly
two hundred articles, many of which have been printed on the first
page. We are certainly very grateful to God for all that we have been
able to accomplish thus far, but we feel that there is great need for
more laborers and for a greater support of this work.
When I think, dear friends, of the object for which we are gathered
in this conference, the evangelization of Russia; it seems such a great
matter that, were it merely our work, I would say: "The task is
altogether too great for us to undertake." But we know that the
work we are undertaking is God’s work, and it is His will that it be
done; therefore we can go forward fully believing that, with His
help, we shall succeed in advancing His kingdom in that great
country. May God help us!
By REV. V. HLAVATY of Cedar Rapids, Iowa
The Bohemians are a part of the Slav family. There are about one
hundred fifty million Slavs in Europe. It is the most numerous race
in that part of the world. They are divided into several different
groups. The Russians are over one hundred million; the Poles, about
twenty million; the Czechoslovaks, ten million; the Slovenes, two
million; the Bulgarians, six million; the Servians and Croatians,
eight million; and then there are some smaller groups of several hun-

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