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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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124 What Has Been Done for These People
tion, and they know how to appreciate this country more than some
of you who were born here. There are a number of Armenian Evan-
gelical churches, mostly self-supporting. Most of them are in the east,
and some are in \:;alifornia. For the thousands of Armenians who are
scattered throughout the Middle West there is very little evangelical
work done.
Armenians Need Our Help
We Armenians have come to you as a people suffering for the name
of Christ; and we have some things that we can teach you. We can
teach you how to pray for your enemies. We have done that for the
last seventeen centuries. We can teach you to suffer and glorify
God in the midst of your suffering. We have ’done that the last
seventeen centuries. We have been taught that, by the Spirit of
Christ, as a nation; and it is for you to help us keep the faith of
our fathers, so that the faith that was kept during awful persecutions
may not be lost now in America in soulless materialism. The faith
of Armenia is not yet dead. I would rather die a hundred times,
with the Spirit of Christ in me, than go under the condemnation of
the devil; wouldn’t you? I had rather die with Christ than live the
life of a king. "I had rather be a door-keeper in the house of my
God" than to be a prince in the house of the devil, and I know you
all say: "Amen." Then let us stand by organizations like the Chicago
Tract Society, which are trying to help Armenians in America to
preserve their faith, through publications and preaching of the Word
of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is coming soon to put an end to all this
suffering, misery and sin.

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