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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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128 A Great Missimmry Program for Russia
found that a Spirit-filled raven can do more than an un-Spirit-filled
nightingale. It is not what we can do by brain power, but in the
sincerity of our hearts. When I began to teach these men to sing,
the first thing I told them was not the proper scale, because I did not
know it myself, but I think, if I remember correctly, I began with
this instruction, "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see
God." I want you to understand and to pray for these men when they
go back to Russia, that their songs may resound in the lives of many
thousands. Now we will sing this hymn about Jesus boy, the roses,
the Hebrew children, and the crown of thorns.
Russia’s Missionary Problem j
Now, friends, I have to be very brief at this time. The one trouble
I find in this country is that you begin your meetings in America
by the same hour that the Russians being in Russia, but you don’t
finish by the same time. In our meetings the proper time to finish is
about twelve o’clock at night. I am looking in this country to find a
congregation to stay till midnight, and if I find it, I will consent
perhaps to be made the pastor of that church. But now I have to
come down to your weakness, and therefore I will limit myself for
the rest of this time speaking, about the great Russian missionary
program. I want to ask of you that this evening you will be as
patient as possible until we get through. We have already suggested
that tens of thousands of souls might come to Christ as the result
of this meeting. I said that with full confidence that that really
might take place, for the sake of poor bleeding Russia, for the sake
of thousands of men and women in that country that have passed
sleepless nights watching for the enemy to come. Let us tarry
around this great Russian missionary problem and hear and see
what can be done and what shall be done. You understand great
numbers of the Russian people are waiting for the Gospel. You have
heard that in Russia we have about twice as many people as in this
country; yet we have not as many Gospel preachers in the whole of
Russia as you have in the city of Chicago alone. Also in the whole
of Russia at this present time there is not a single Bible training
school or missionary school or institute where men and women can
prepare for the Lord’s work. That is one of the reasons why the school
has been established in Philadelphia; and I believe that this con-
ference should find men and women here that will be willing to
go out as missionaries to Russia; just as at the Moody Bible Insti-
tute last Monday, when we spoke to them, some said, "We are willing
to go to Russia." Also a number of students volunteered in Brother
Simpson’s school when we spoke there. We were greatly touched
by the interest manifested there among the students. There was a

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