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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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Pastor William Fetler 133
representative men and women from all over this country and
Canada, a three million dollar religious liberty fund to evangelize
the millions of the Russian people. This three million dollar fund
we call a "religious liberty fund" because for the first time this
religious liberty has come to Russia. One million of this fund we
propose to spend on the printing and distributing of the Holy Scrip-
tures in the Russian language. The second million dollars we want
to spend to educate men and women, especially Russians, for work
in Russia. Probably we may have to put up a large school on the
plan of the Moody Institute, in the city of Moscow, where men and
women can gather from all over Russia to study the Bible and
music and go back to preach the Gospel. The third million dollars
is to go for direct evangelistic work among the Russians. This money
we must have in our hands as soon as possible. I want you to pray
for it. I want you to give as much as possibly you can pledge before
the Lord. Every day, every month, that goes by now in Russia,
thousands of souls are being lost. We have some men in our school,
one especially, a splendid Christian man. He said to me, "Brother
Fetler, are you ready to go back to Russia? I am ready to go tonight
if the Lord will only send me." Such a man, if he could be sent,
I am perfectly confident that in six months in Russia he could marshal
a host of five hundred evangelists to go out through the country to
all the tens of thousands of towns and villages to preach the Gospel.
If you American Christians will only help us and give us the money,
that can be done.
Let me finish my remarks with these illustrations. There is a
story about the feast of the gods on Olympus. Jupiter was there and
Venus was there and all the gods of the old Greek mythology. They
were feasting and down below people were worshiping them in super-
stition. They were living in their sins and great darkness covered the
land. Suddenly a ray of light seemed to reach the mountain peak on
which this feast was being held; and presently, coming ’slowly up the
slope, there appears the form of a man, the Man of Sorrows and the
Man acquainted with grief. A great cross i& upon His shoulders. A
crown of thorns is upon His head. Slowly He comes up—the Crucified
Nazarene; and as He comes, the King of kings and the Lord of lords,
the crown falls from Jupiter and the glory departs from all the false
gods, and they disappear, and the people cry: "Jesus reigns and rules
Siupreme." That is what we want to see in Russia. On the hill of
superstition, on the hill of darkness, let us send men and women who
will go with the Word of the Cross, until that darkness disappears.
How shall we do it? How will I do it? How will you do it?

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