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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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Rev. S. B. RoJiold 143
Taking Renan’s Advice
Some years ago in Paris, there was a great gathering of the re-
formed Jews from Germany, France, England, and the United States.
They said: "We have had a living religion, but it has lost its power;
we must do something to revitalize Judaism, and make it again a living
religion." The strangest thing is that they invited a Gentile agnostic
to address them, and he was exactly like the false prophet of old. You
remember when Balak, King of Moab, invited Balaam to curse Israel,
he said: "I cannot curse them, for their God has blessed them."
But, remember, he gave Balak some awful advice. He said to Balak
that Jehovah the God of Israel was a jealous God and that He was
very jealous of His people, because He had chosen that people to be a
light to lighten the Gentiles and to be His Glory. "If you can get
that people to commit a hideous sin, Jehovah Himself will slay them."
And you remember how the Moabites exposed themselves, how Israel
fell, and thousands within Israel were slain. The same advice was
given by that modern Balaam, M. Renan. He said: "You Jews have
made a most terrible mistake. You denounce Jesus as an impostor.
You speak against His teaching. You cannot do it, you have failed.
You Jews must now claim Jesus as one of your own. Proclaim Him
as an Isaiah, as a Jeremiah, as a Daniel, if you like. Proclaim Him as
the greatest of all the prophets; but in doing so you can deny Him
of His Divinity." They took this awful advice.
A most interesting thing happened not very long ago in Russia,
which shows the possibilities of that great country. A company of
Jews met in Odessa. Among them was a young lawyer, who opened
the Book of Jeremiah, and said: "Here is where our people make a
mistake. Jeremiah pronounced the awful doom of our holy city and
the Temple, and they threw him in a dungeon, not one of the Jews
defended him, except the black servants of the king. We see after
two thousand and three hundred years, that Jeremiah was a man of
God, and that we made a terrible mistake. Perhaps we have also made
a mistake in the trial of our Brother, Jesus of Nazareth. Let us
revise His trial." And they formed a society and called themselves,
"The Revisionists"; and they declared Him innocent after investiga-
Max Nordau’s Testimony
Father Hyacinthe wrote a letter to Dr. Max Nordau, and said: "Now
as a recognized Zionist leader, you ought to revise the trial of Jesus
of Nazareth." And this was the reply: "There is no need to revise

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