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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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170 Greetings of Bible Society and Conference
you have helped to find Jesus. We want every one of our brothers and
sisters among the Ukrainian people, to know Jesus. The first Ukrain-
ian Christian church is in Scranton, the first church in the United
States of the Ukrainian people. If we want to bring these people to
Jesus, we must give them something, we must give them the Bible;
and we have no Bibles in our language and we have no hymns. If we
want to sing, we have to take hymns from the Russian or Polish lan-
guage; and you can understand we prefer to sing in our own language.
We want to prepare our young people and send them out among the
Ukrainians to tell them about Jesus. We do as much as we can to
help the Ukrainian people and want you to help them, too. I beg you
all, please do something for our Ukrainian people.
PROF. J. J. A^INCE of the Russian Bible Institute, Philadelphia
I was for two years a representative colporteur for the British and
Foreign Bible Society in Russia. I do not know any other country,
or any other government that was so loyal to the Bible as the Russian
government. Under the rule of the Romanoffs the Russian govern-
ment permitted us to travel and carry hundreds and hundreds of copies
of the Holy Scriptures, absolutely free of charge. The colporteurs
didn’t pay one cent. They traveled free, and all their books were sent
free. I agree with tY^ representative of the American Bible Society,
who says: "It is important not only to send men, but we must send
the Bible." When I was a representative of the Bible Society, our
superintendent in Petrograd always told us: "Do not speak to the
people any words, only give them the Bible. Sell them the Bible, but
you are not allowed to talk." I went to a certain city, and on the
train, passing from one town to another, I had my Bibles with me.
In the first chair in the car sat a Russian priest. I had the Bible,
and I said: "Little father, I have Bibles. Maybe you would like to
have one." He said: "No, no." Then I went from him to the second
and third and through the whole car, and in the other end of the car
there was the family of a Russian peasant. That family bought a New
Testament. I finished and I came back to my place, and the peasant
came to me, and said: "Please give me back my ruble." I said: "I can
not give you back the ruble," and I asked: "Who told you to bring
back the book?" He said: "That fellow said to me. If you read that
book, you will become a crazy fellow.’ Now, please give me back my
ruble." The rules of our Bible Society say do not take back, but
leave the books. The priest was sitting at the other end of the car
and was looking on, and I was afraid of him. Then the priest called
me to come over, and I went to him and said: "What is the matter,
little father?" He said: "Why did you have the conversation with
that peasant?" I said: "You heard the conversation. He wants me

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