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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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Eev. N. F. Hoijer 175
were taken prisoner by the Kurds, I would talk under the inspiration
of the moment, as many a time before I had been saved from hostile
people in that way.
When up a little distance higher in the mountain, I noticed that
the dogs were after me. Now it was serious! There was no man
present there who could call them back. I was clearly in their power.
To fight against them would be of no avail. I turned back my fright-
ened horse and I tried to quiet him by petting and stroking him.
Soon the dogs were near and they made a circle around me, barking
and pawing the ground, as the hounds do when they have caught a
deer and are keeping him from running away until the hunters come.
The hunters were not long in coming this time. A black crowd was
seen approaching quickly. Soon their shouts and noise were heard
and their weapons reflected the moonlight. The dogs left me as soon
as their masters had come near. The Kurds were armed with revol-
vers, rifles and long two-edged daggers. One of them pointed with his
sword to my chest, probably to scare me, as I thought. In my hand
I held a short whip which I clicked, saying, "Get away, boy!" All the
rest roared with laughter. It appeared to them more than ridiculous
that I showed I could defend myself with a whip against their well
armed company.
Sanctified Strategy
Now, I addressed myself to them in the Russian language, and I
said: "I am come to be a guest with your Prince. Take me at once
to your Prince!" One of them understood the language and translated
it to the others. They spoke among themselves in an Armenian dia-
lect, which I understood, as I had preached several times in that
language. They said: ’Ts he acquainted with our Prince? A re-
markable man who rides here alone and without weapons at night
over our mountains. His horse seems to be a Kurdish horse and his
saddle also. Coming to our Prince as a guest. Who can this man
be?" I repeated: ’’Take me at once to your Prince!" They now
showed me with signs, that I must ride back the same way which I
had come. This I at once did and the Kurds followed me talking in
We came at last to a place, where some one shouted: "Stop!" Two
stately young men walked out of a cave and I asked if some one of
them was the chief. They said: "No." "Did not I order you to take
me to your Prince?" I shouted.
Among the crowd there was a youth and I made a sign to him that
he should take hold of the bridle of my horse and take me to the
Prince. The boy obeyed and we came soon to the place, where the
chief lived. Numerous Kurds were gathered there. I asked one of

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