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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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Rev. Jamies M. Gray 181
accredited newspaper information, Russia is getting her eyes open
to the real purposes of Germany, and the confidence and hope she enter-
tained in that direction at the first is rapidly being changed today
into distrust and even hate. She was forced to sign a peace which
she now regards as an act of fraud. She admits that she acted un-
wisely and wrong in that matter. The scales are falling from her
eyes every day, and a re-action is setting in. Formerly she saw Ger-
many only as a menace to the power of the Czar from which she de-
sired deliverance; but now she sees in her an enemy to the Russian
people and Russian interests of every kind that do not favor Germany
herself. We are told that there is growing up in every village and
every household of Russia the strong conviction that real peace at
this time is not to be expected, and that if Russia is to avoid a return
to autocracy, Germany must be beaten. In this respect a brief expe-
rience for Russia has done what long years of education could not
have accomplished. Every village orator blames Germany for Russia’s
trials and tribulations, and for this reason, as I have said, every
evangelist from the United States will have the sympathetic hearing
that could not have been promised a year ago.
But a third reason why the United States has an opportunity un-
precedented is, because even Russia herself is turning to us for aid
of a certain kind. She asks American and French military ofllcers to
help her organize a new army—a revolutionary army. She is asking
these two countries to aid her in removing her large stores of muni-
tions beyond the Volga and out of reach of Germany, if that nation
makes another unwarranted advance within her territory. She asks
our railway men to come to Russia and "actually assist in the physical
evacuation" of these things. She asks us to help her in her markets
and her trade, and if she does not ask us to help her in her religious
and spiritual life, she can not consistently turn the door upon us
when we bring that blessing in company with these other things.
The other evening I listened to Dr. Saillens of France, as he
pleaded eloquently for Great Britain and the United States, the two
nations most favored with the Gospel, to bring back to France the
knowledge of the Cross. But the need of France is scarcely greater
than the need of Russia, and if we aid the latter in carnal things, and
fail to minister to her in spiritual things, heavily will this nation
suffer for it in that day when even nations, as well as individuals,
shall stand in judgment before God.

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