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(1918) With: Jesse W. Brooks - Tema: Russia
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188 A Concerted Movement
One Christ-Centered Church for Russia
Now, when we lay our plans wisely and well for Russia, God is
going in most singular fashion to manifest His power. This day is
the beginning of great things, greater than these dreamers on my
left [Pastor Petler and Dr. Brooks] can now perceive. It is a good
day for them, I say. It is their day of prophecy. Of such it is written
they shall dream dreams. But I am here tonight to say to you that
they cannot see all the glory in their dreams.. If they wait a while
in heaven, (and we do not want to send them there too quickly—but
if they wait a while), they will see the glorious consummation.
"Now we have had forces at work in Russia. I have letters here to-
night. I do not think I ought to take the time to read them to you.
But I have a special letter here from a man who is there now, Dr.
Simons, our Methodist missionary. As you know, the Methodists
have been at work there. Other denominations have had representa-
tives at work, and they have been all accomplishing good things.
This dear man here [Mr. Hoijer] who has given forty years of his
life to work in Russia has stirred our hearts by relating some of his
experiences. Now I call attention simply to the forces that are at
work there and the forces back here that are to be rallied, and they
simply must be rallied for Russia’s salvation, through the preaching
of the Word of God. We need a single, undivided, whole-hearted,
massive, Christ-centered church in Russia. I am conscious that it is
not the Methodist, and not the Baptist, and not the Presbyterian, and
not the Congregational, that in any sense is to be made anything of;
but that Christ is to be exalted. All hail to the forces that can be
rallied, and they are numerous!
The King and the Power of the Kingdom
Now beloved, if the Y. M. C. A. representing every Christian de-
nomination could do such a grand work through the years that are
past and is now becoming so helpful to the soldiers and sailors, if
the Evangelical Alliance of all denominations gathered together, can
accomplish great things, if a great Missionary Conference such as
that at Panama can accomplish so much, if the Christian Endeavor
Society, and the young people’s societies of the various denominations
can accomplish so much, if the Church Federation can accomplish so
much, if the great Bible societies accomplish so much, how much will
be accomplished for Russia if a single, undivided, whole-hearted, mas-
sive, Christ-centered church is developed among those people! The
great work of the future is to magnify Jesus Christ in the individual
and to preach the word of the Living God,—the word of Everlasting
Light and Life. For really, brethren, as surely as Christ rose and

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