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July 2009 Front Page

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Project Runeberg's front page section for July 2009:

Hello Bing! We like Google a lot at Project Runeberg, so much that we never developed our own full text search engine, but redirected all searches to them. When you enter a search in the box at the top of one of our pages, we just add "site:runeberg.org" and forward your query to Google.

Since it started in 1998, Google has revolutionized web search and gained a top position worldwide. But as their dominance continues to grow, it also becomes a threat to our independence and security, and to future innovation. In May 2009, Microsoft launched Bing, a competing search engine. Some interpret the name as B.I.N.G. = "Bing Is Not Google". While not entirely unique, this is one of the more impressive such attempts in recent years.

We have now redesigned our search box, so that it randomly distributes searches to Google, Yahoo, and Bing on equal terms. It might be that Google still yields the best result for most queries. But in the long term, we're best served by a multitude of competing web search engines. If you don't like the results you get, use your browser's BACK button and try the same query again. Hopefully you will end up at another search engine that gives more useful results.

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