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(1931) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Gerald C. Wheeler - Tema: Russia
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Leninakan, Erivan, and other Armenian towns;
but for there håving been no heavy drought the
conditions were in some ways as bad as they were
in the hunger tracts of the Volga valley that winter.
But under skilful management agriculture had now
in great part recovered itself, although there was
still much that could be bettered.
The Petrovs had a young son who was to be
brought up as an engineer, like so many young
Russians now ; this is probably because the develop
ment of industry and the exploitation of the natural
wealth of this vast land are looked upon as the great
task set before the nation in the future. He was now
one of those working on the great dam for a power
station which is being built across the river Kura
in the valley north of Tiflis.
I had to carry on negotiations with the Trans-
Caucasian government in connection with the work
of our commission in Armenia, and our proposal
to raise a loan of about 17 million kroner for watering
and cultivating tracts in Armenia which are now
almost desert, and bringing Armenian refugees
thither. Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaidjan are
three independent Soviet republics, each with its
own government. They are united in a Trans-
Caucasian federation under an administration made
up of a vice-president for each republic, living in
Tiflis. This federative republic, again, is united
with the other Soviet socialist republics, under an
administration in Moscow. The Armenian govern
ment in Erivan had given our proposal its full
approval. I now discussed it with Lukashin, the

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