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(1931) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Gerald C. Wheeler - Tema: Russia
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up it and the tower was surrounded. The defenders
were called upon to surrender, but refused. As the
guns were of no use a mine had to be laid under
the tower. After three days’ siege and work the
mine was laid, and the tower could now be blown
up ; but first of all the humane Russian general,
von Rosen, once more sent a messenger to the
defenders to get them to surrender. They now
made answer that they would come, but must have
two hours to take away the stones that were piled
up behind the heavy oak door. When the time was
up, the general, with his whole staff and a company
of sharpshooters at the ready, took up their
position before the tower to receive the prisoners.
The door was opened ; first half a dozen muskets
were handed out, then two tattered and grimy men
lowered themselves down by a rope. They folded
their arms and scowled at the Russians, awaiting
their lot.
"What has become of the others?" asked the
general impatiently.
"Wc were only two," the prisoners answered
In April 1832 Kasi-Mullah was bold enough to
threaten Vladikavkaz itself, and to besiege the
fortress of Nazran on the plain by the river Sundja,
north-east of the town. He hoped in this way to
get the Kabardians to rise. For some days things
looked bad for the Russians, but he then withdrew
again. In August the Russians invaded Chechnia
with success; they took the largest and wealthiest
a-ul (village) there, Ghermenchuk, whose inhabi
tants put up an heroic defence, although most of

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