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(1924) [MARC] Author: Robert Eugen Zachrisson - Tema: Textbooks for schools
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she will be more sensible when
she has left school and got
a situation.
I have two uncles,three aunts
and many cousins. Uncle Henry
is not married. He is an old
bachelor. He is very well off
(rich), but he is very (awfully)
mean. We never get any
presents from uncle Henry.
Aunt Mary is a widow. Her
husband died ten years ago.
She is very poor and has to
work very hard.
One of my aunts lives in the
country. Her husband is a
farmer. They have a large
farm with many horses, bullocks
(oxen), cows, and sheep, ducks
and chickens. Auntie has two
cats, and uncle has a big black
dog. They have no sons, only
one daughter, who is twelve
years old. Her name is Nelly.
She is an only child, she has
no brothers or sisters. Nelly
is a clever girl. She goes to
school in the village where
they live. She will leave
school next year.
Tell me who you are, what
you are, and everything about
your family.
5. Funny Advertisements.
Dogs. For sale.
Newfoundland pup; will eat anything;
fond of children.
sji wil bi m’åh s’ensibl wen
sji hĕz l’eft sk’ohl ĕn gåt ĕ
Ai hĕv t’oh ’angklz, thr’ih
’ahnts, ĕn m’eni k’aznz. ’Angkl
h’enri iz n’åt m’ärid. Hi iz
ĕn ’åold b’ätsjĕlĕ. Hi iz
v’eri wel ’åhf (r’itsj), bet hi iz
v’eri (’åhfli) m’ihn. Wi n’evĕ get
eni pr’eznts fråm ’angkl h’enri.
’Ahnt m’äĕri iz ĕ w’idå. Hĕ
h’azbĕnd d’aid t’en jiĕz ĕg’åo.
Sji iz v’eri p’oĕ, ĕnd hĕz tĕ
w’öhk v’eri h’ahd.
W’an ĕv mai ’ahnts l’ivz in
dhĕ k’antri. Hĕ h’azbĕnd iz ĕ
f’ahmĕ. Dhei hĕv ĕ l’ahdzj
f’ahm widh m’eni h’åhsiz,
b’olĕks(’åksin),k’auz ĕn k’ahvz,
d’aks ĕn tsj’ikinz. ’Ahnti hĕz
t’oh k’äts, ĕnd ’angkl hĕz ĕ
b’ig bl’äk d’åg. Dhei hĕv n’åo
s’anz, ’åonli w’an d’åhtĕ, ho
iz t’welv jiĕz ’åold. H’oh n’eim
iz n’eli. Sji iz ĕn ’åonli tsj’aild,
sji hĕz n’åo br’adhĕz åh s’istĕz.
N’eli iz ĕ kl’evĕ g’öhl. Sji
g’åoz tĕ sk’ohl in dhĕ v’ilidzj
wäĕ dhei l’iv. Sji wil l’ihv
sk’ohl n’ekst j’iĕ.
T’el mi h’oh jo ah, w’åt jo
ah, ĕnd ’evrithing ĕb’aut jå
5. F’ani ĕdv’öhtisments.
D’ågz. Fe s’eil.
Njof’aund-lĕnd p’ap; wil ’int ’enithing;
f’ånd ĕv tsj’ildrĕn.

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