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(1848-1860) Author: Johan Ludvig Runeberg - Tema: Russia, War
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Fänrik Ståls sägner

En samling sånger
av Johan Ludvig Runeberg

Preface to the Electronic Edition

This text was the first complete electronic edition published by Project Runeberg. The text was entered manually by Lars Aronsson. It was announced on 6 March 1993, and the text was then available as plain text files by Gopher and FTP. Some important dates for this electronic edition:

The poem Fänrik Ståls sägner was first published in 1848 (part 1) and 1860 (part 2). It has been translated, illustrated, and republished several times. Runeberg's poetry helped serve as inspiration for Finnish nationalism in the 19th century. Finland gained independence (from Russia) in 1917 and the first song here (Vårt land) is now Finland's national anthem.

The copy used for this electronic edition is a cheap paperback printed in Stockholm in 1927 at Fröléen & Comp:s Boktryckeri on behalf of Albert Bonniers Förlag, also in Stockholm, as part of the series Mästarna. The 248 page volume contains the two poems Älgskyttarna and Fänrik Ståls sägner of which only the latter is published here.

We believe the follwing to be an appropriate (SWE-)MARC record for this electronic edition:

  100 e  _a Runeberg, Johan Ludvig _c 1804-1877
  245    _a Fänrik Ståls sägner _m Elektronisk resurs
  257    _a Text
  260    _a Linköping _b Projekt Runeberg _c 1993
  503    _a Copied from 1927 paperback from Albert Bonniers Förlag
  856    _u http://www.lysator.liu.se/runeberg/fstal/

The URN:NBN:se-d1998112 should be there too. Mail any suggestions to runeberg@lysator.liu.se

Innehåll / Table of Contents


Första samlingen

Vårt land
Fänrik Stål
Molnets broder
Löjtnant Zidén
Sven Duva
Von Konow och hans korporal
Den döende krigaren
Otto von Fieandt
De två dragonerne
Gamle Hurtig
Döbeln vid Jutas

Senare samlingen

Björneborgarenas marsch
Fänrikens marknadsminne
Lotta Svärd
Gamle Lode
Främlingens syn
Fänrikens hälsning
Von Törne
Den femte juli
Von Essen
Wilhelm von Schwerin
N:r femton Stolt

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