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There is, therefore, nothing astonishing in the fact
that an ever increasing number of strangers come to
visit the Swedish Industries Fair in Gothenburg. At
the same time as a visit to the Swedish Industries
Fair in Gothenburg may prove of good benefit from
a business standpoint, there will also be an
opportunity to study some of the beautiful parts of Sweden.

Gothenburg, the second in size of the cities of
Sweden and its largest port, occupies a central
position and can be reached by rail in 6 or 7 hours from
the capitals of the three Scandinavian countries,
Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm. The quickest
route from the middle of Europe goes via Sassnitz—
Trelleborg, and the western part of Europe is in
railway communication with Gothenburg via
By means of regular steamship lines the city is in
frequent connection with Great Britain, America,
Canada and most ports of any importance in the
world commerce. The Gothenburg aero port is one
of the few with accomodation for receiving aeroplanes
as well as hydroplanes.

Good connections are established between
Gothenburg and other parts of Sweden. No less than seven
railway lines radiate from the city to various parts
of the country. The Bergslags Railway runs to
Trollhättan, and up to the industrial districts of Värmland
and Dalarne and further on to Stockholm. By the
comfortable steamers of the »Sveabolaget» one also
gets an opportunity of having an agreeable trip from
Gothenburg round the coast to Stockholm and to
the ports of Northern Sweden. From here the trip
can be extended to Lapland, the land of the raging
rivers and the midnight sun.

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