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Läckö Castle
Läckö Castle

Tourists will enjoy a trip by the Västgötabanan,
railway from Gothenburg to Kinnekulle which can
be reached via Skara or Lidköping and where they
will obtain fine views of Lake Venern and Läckö

Grävsnäs Castle is at Grävsnäs Station.

The Cathedral at Skara is an historical sight well
worth seeing, after which a trip to Varnhem’s Abbey
(where the old kings’ graves are) and from
Lundsbrunns bath and water-cure establishment to Husaby
old church and S. Sigfrid’s Well is recommended.

One can arrive at Läckö Castle situated on a
headland in Lake Venern by steamer either from
Lidköping or Kinnekulle.

For shorter trips from Gothenburg we can
recommend Björboholm. During the summer there is a
good restaurant with a glorious view over Lake
Mjörn from the lofty eminence. There is good
skiing here during the winter.
Keep to the left.

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