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Horse racing at Gothenburg 1895
Horse racing at Gothenburg 1895

Göteborgs Fältrittklubb.

Gothenburg Field-Riding Club has been in
existence for 36 years and is well known for field and
hunting sport in this and surrounding districts.
There are 99 ladies and 202 gentlemen members. The
object of the club is to increase field-riding, hunting
and the breeding of fullblood horses. Every winter
ice-gallops and snow-chases take place when snow or
ice allow such, and during the spring and autumn
jumping competitions are usually on the programme.
In January this year there was horse-racing on the
ice at Delsjön, close to Gothenburg.

To encourage horsesport there is a lottery amongst
the members who have paid their subscriptions, their
receipt being considered as a lot. The annual
subscription is 10 kr. for ladies and 20 kr. for

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