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(1921) Author: Sigrid Undset
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not be sad for my sake, even if you think you have caused me
pain; there are sorrows that are good, full of blessing, I assure

She went on crying softly.

Presently he whispered:

“May I come and see you now and again? Will you not
send for me when you are sad? I should so like to try and be
of some help to my dear little girl.”

“I dare not, Gert.”

“Dear child, I am an old man; remember, I might be your

“For — for your sake, I mean. It is not right.”

“Oh yes, Jenny. Do you believe that I think less about
you when I don’t see you? I ask only to see you, talk to you,
to try and do something for you. Won’t you let me? Do let
me come.”

“I don’t know — I don’t know what to say, but please go
now. I cannot bear any more today — it is all so terrible.
Won’t you go, dear?”

He rose slowly:

“I will. Good-bye! Jenny, dear child, you are quite
beside yourself.”

“Yes” — in a whisper.

“I will go now, but I want to see you before you go away.
I shall come back when you are yourself again and not
frightened of me; there is no reason for that, dear.”

She was quiet for a little, then suddenly drew him close to
her for a second, brushing his cheek with her lips.

“Go now, Gert.”

“Thank you. God bless you, Jenny.”

When he was gone she paced up and down the floor, shivering
without knowing why. In her heart she felt a certain pleasure
in remembering his words when he was on his knees before her.

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