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Author: Johan Krouthén - Tema: Art
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Paintings by Johan Krouthén

(Denna sida finns även på svenska).

In the summer of 1994, Östergötland's County Museum in Linköping had an exhibition of paintings by Johan Krouthén. The exhibition was opened by Gunnar Lindqvist on Sunday May 8th. During the exhibition, several guided tours were held. The exhibition closed on September 18th.

Johan Krouthén was born in 1858 and died in 1932. This means his paintings are currently protected by copyright, but when Project Runeberg published these images in 1994 the law was different, and a transitional rule allows us to continue our publication until the year 2000. Read more about copyright.

Below you can see miniatures of each painting, along with a brief presentation. If you click on a painting, you will see that painting enlarged.
A Sleeping Boy 1883. Oil on canvas. 40 cm x 83 cm. The original belongs to Norrköping's Museum of Art.
Summer Siesta 1885. Oil on canvas. 44,5 cm x 59 cm. The original belongs to Östergötland's County Museum.
Stone landscape, Bohuslän 1882-1883. Oil on canvas. 75cm x 160 cm. The original belongs to Östergötland's County Museum.
Librarian Segersteen in his home 1886. 46 cm x 59 cm. Pehr Schwartz eventually bought Segersteen's art collection and in 1901 donated it to the city of Norrköping. Above the door in this painting, one can see the painting "A Sleeping Boy", painted by the same artist!
Hens in the barnyard, Skagen 1883. Oil on canvas. 29 cm x 35 cm. The original belongs to Östergötland's County Museum.

This electronic exhibition was produced with help from "Island", David Byers, Andreas Björklind, and Mats Öhrman.

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