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(1929) [MARC] Author: Axel Munthe - Tema: Medicine
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Perhaps the less said the better about the
journey I made to Sweden in the summer
of that year. Norstrom, the placid recorder of
most of the adventures of my youth, said that
so far it was the worst story I had ever told him.
To-day it can harm nobody but myself and I
may as well tell it here.

I was asked by Professor Bruzelius, the leading
physician of Sweden in those days, to go to San
Remo and accompany home a patient of his, a
boy of eighteen who had spent the winter there
in an advanced stage of consumption. He had
had several hæmorrhages of late. His condition
was so serious that I only consented to take him
home if he were accompanied by a member of
the family or at least a competent Swedish nurse,
the possibility of his dying on the way having
to be considered. Four days later his mother
arrived at San Remo. We were to break our
journey in Basel and Heidelberg and to take the
Swedish steamer from Lübeck to Stockholm.
We arrived at Basel in the evening after a very
anxious journey. In the night the mother had
a heart attack which nearly killed her. The
specialist I called in in the morning agreed with
me, that she would in no case be able to travel

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