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(1929) [MARC] Author: Axel Munthe - Tema: Medicine
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Consular Register. I left the post rather uneasy
for I had noticed the somewhat puzzled look in
the officer’s eye when I had told him I was
unable to give my exact address, I did not even
know the name of the street my kind host was
living in. It was already quite dark, soon I
started running for I imagined I heard stealthy
footsteps behind me as if somebody was
following me, but I reached my sleeping quarters
without further adventures. Signor Amedeo and his
two friends were already asleep on their
mattresses. Hungry as usual I sat down to the
supper my kind host had left for me on the
table, I meant to keep awake till they were
about to start and offer Signor Amedeo to help
him that night in his search for his belongings.
I was just saying to myself that it was the least
I could do in return for his kindness to me when
I suddenly heard a sharp whistle and the sound
of footsteps. Somebody was coming down the
stairs. In an instant the three men asleep on
the mattresses sprang to their feet. I heard a
shot, a carabiniere fell headlong down the stairs
on the floor at my very feet. As I bent rapidly
over him to see if he was dead I distinctly saw
Signor Amedeo pointing his revolver at me. The
same instant the room was full of soldiers, I
heard another shot, after a desperate struggle
the three men were overpowered. As my host
passed before me, handcuffed, with a stout rope
tied round his arms and legs, he raised his head
and looked at me with a wild flash of hatred
and reproach that made the blood freeze in my
veins. Half an hour later I was back again at

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