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(1911) [MARC] Author: Gustaf af Geijerstam
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däck|a (-ade), to deck.

där, there, where.

därborta, over there.

därefter, thereupon.

därför, therefore, on that account;
— att, because.

därifrån, from there.

därinne, in there, within.

därmed, with that.

därom, about it.

därpå, thereupon, thereafter.

därvid, with that.

(dog, -dött), to die.

död, dead.

dödakamp (-en), death struggle.

dög, see duga.

dök, see dyka.

dörr (-en, -ar), door.


efter, after, afterwards, since.

efterap|a (-ade), to imitate,
ape, copy.

eftermiddag (-en, -ar), afternoon.

efter|se (-såg, -sett), to look
and see.

efterskick|a (-ade), to send for.

eftersom, since.

efteråt, afterwards.

egen (eget, egna), own.

egentligen, really, in reality.

ek|a (-ade), to echo.

elak, cruel, naughty.

eld (-en, -ar), fire.

eldkul|a (-an, -or), ball of fire.

elektrisk, electric.

eljest, otherwise.

eller, or.

elvabefängt, madly, furiously.

emellan, between.

emellertid, however, nevertheless.

emot, against, toward.

emot|taga (-tog, -tagit), to receive.

en (ett), one, a(n), people.

ende (-a), only (one or thing),

ens, even, once.

ens, ense, agreeing; vara —
to agree upon.

ensam, alone, lonesome.

ensamhet (-en), solitude.

envis|as (-ades), to insist, be
obstinate, persist.

envist, pertinaciously.

ett, n. of en.


fall (-et, —), case; I alla —
at all events, at any rate.

fall (-et, —), yard-rope.

falla (föll, fallit), to fall;
någon in,
to occur to someone.

familj (-en, -er), family.

famn (-en), embrace, arms;
taga i —, to hug.

fann(s), see finna(s).

fara (for, farit), to go, travel,
depart; — efter, to go after;
— ut, to go out for a trip.

farbror (see bror), uncle (on
the father’s side).

farlig, dangerous.

farlighet (-en, -er), danger.

far|mor (-modern), grand-mother,
father’s mother.

fart (-en), speed; I en —, in
a hurry.

fartyg (-et, —), vessel.

farväl, farewell, good-bye;
taga —, bid farewell.

faslig, horrible, awful.

fasligast, most horrible.

fasligt, horrible, terrible.

fast, firm, fast; although.

fastlagsox|e (-en, -ar), an ox
slaughtered during Lent.

fastepikad, nailed fast.

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